Ladies…do you realise that we don’t have some kind of ‘Sistacode?’

Some guideline on how to engage with other women.

I find that, women, always say that, women are their own worst enemies. If that’s the case, then each one of us has to take responsibility for the role we play consciously or subconsciously in being bitchy to other women.  Hence we need to start having a conversation about how we want to start treating each other in tricky circumstances.

People always say that women don’t get along, but it’s actually this patriarchal system that has pitted us up against each other. We are socialised to believe that we are each other’s competition.

We have always been made to believe, that there are not enough men or jobs to go around, which in turn, has made us vicious towards each other. We see each other as a threat.


The biggest hoax of all…..’There are more women than men.’- RUBBISH. No one in the universe has developed such sophisticated methods that can account for ALL the people in the world. Statistic’s are based on probabilities and my problem with this theory is this….Each and every snowFLAKE is 6 sided and has its own unique shape- and you are telling me Mother Nature couldn’t balance genders? Cmon now. Balance is a law of nature….this ‘statistic’ has just been a convenient way for men to benefit from the desperation it caused within women.


It’s time to change the game and take the power. It time for some kind of sista revolution.

Where you see a woman and you embrace a woman.

Where you don’t see competition, you see an ally.


When you see and acknowledge strength and beauty in other women……you give them permission to see and acknowledge your strength and beauty.

You have had this conversation many times ladies


YOU: “oooo I like your dress”

HER: “oooo I like YOUR shoes!”


 It’s actually not that hard… nice to other girls and other girls will be nice to you.

Don’t be mad at a sista for having a nice dress hawu!


When you encounter other women, something has to click into your mind that says…..these are my soldiers, I am safe.

So that, even when you are amongst strangers at some random braai and a man starts bothering you…..the other women SPEAK for you.

We have to create an environment where we are willing to take up arms for each other. It needs to become clear that there are MANY women standing behind that 1 woman being abused. We have to make our presence felt such that it becomes uncomfortable for abusers to take advantages of other sistas sikhona.


Our silence is a problem. It goes against that code of protecting other sistas.


Men have this thing where they acknowledge each other first, before women. Perhaps women should have that culture too. Instead of waiting for your turn to greet the alpha male, maybe your focus should be on the fellow females in the interaction. We, women, have been grovelling for male attention and approval for too long.

Ironically, when women work as a collective, the results are tangible.


Women need to start respecting each other territory. Have a chick code that disarms the ‘playa.’

It has been established that sleeping with another woman’s man doesn’t make you special…it just makes you a sidechick.

We need to love ourselves, enough to not to be ok with sharing penis….and thinking it’s some kind of achievement.


The only time men really share a girl…is usually when they consider her a village bike. Women share men as a norm. Does that mean we, women, Settle with the village bike?


We deal with each other all the time, lets starts talking about the tricky ‘woman to woman’ moments that we deal with…….I’ll tell you this much tho….that sistacode is going to be thicker than the bible!





3 thoughts on “The SISTALUTION

  1. The problem with us ladies is; we always want to prove how hot we are when they see other chick with her boyfriend..

  2. I’m all for women empowerment and I support the idea of sistaz working together to make each others lives easier and better instead of being each others worst enemy. I have noticed that trend since I was a teenager. As much as there are men boys who do the same to their fellow men but it is not as rife as in women hence the term “bitch nigga”. On the stats on the number of women compared to men, I wholly agree with such stats. Think of it; who’s in prison? Who does the stupidest things in the name of fun or bigger, stronger, most daring, most courageous etc which most of the time ends up in death? Men and boys. No matter how nature tries to balance, men stupidity will override nature. Phambili ngokuhlangana kwesimame.

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