Phuza face anyone?

Can we talk about our addiction to alcohol?

Since the dawn of freedom, alcohol consumption seems to have escalated. Sometimes it feels like freedom is interpreted as, the freedom to drink every weekend.

Heck, we’ve even renamed a whole day of the week to ‘Phuza Thursday.’


Without fail and with due diligence, we have programmed ourselves that come Thursday…we know we drink. That’s the habits and characters we are creating in our society.


How come nobody speaks about the fact that besides the short term ‘happy’ feeling….alcohol is like drinking poison?

What about the fact the worst decisions are made under the influence of alcohol?

How can something that has had such a negative impact on our society be allowed to exist so comfortably within it?


We have normalised the one thing that is responsible for MOST of our social ills.

When men are drunk, they have raped their wives and children.

When women are drunk, families are dysfunctional.

When children are drunk, they fall pregnant.

When people are drunk, they have unprotected sex and spread disease.

When uncles are drunk, they engage in criminal activities.

When girls are drunk they can make themselves vulnerable to violation.

When boys are drunk, they can be violent.

A lot of things happen because of this ‘drunk’ thing we do every weekend.


I was stunned when people were upset at the government for removing alcohol advertising on tv. I’m not quite sure what people are upset about but I heard some people speak of employment.

Are we willing to sacrifice the whole nation for a couple of thousand people to have jobs? Really? We will self destruct our own nation and teach people to be drunkards for the sake of these jobs? What about creating jobs in finding ways to manage the time of the youth? What about creating jobs that actually benefit our people, so that we are not so drunk that we have our land stolen again?


 Why is it ok with us that being some kind of an alcohol addict is ok?

A phuza face in your 30’s is NOT ok!!!!! :””’D


Yes, I agree, all things in moderation….but look at us….look at what we have become.

The only way we have become the rape capital of the world is because SINXILILE.


It’s time for Mzansi to sober up, and start being serious, about being potentially, the most beautiful place in the world.   



4 thoughts on “Phuza face anyone?

  1. I agree with you fully dadewethu. I drink myself but if there could be a memorandum signed to ban alcohol, I’d be the first to do so. Don’t get me wrong, I love my drink but imiphumela yakho a can be disastrous at times or rather most of the time. Fortunately I haven’t acquired the PF I should have a long time ago.

  2. I whole hearted agree with you , that we need to sobber up our act as people base maznsi alcohol abuse is more like a tradition or rather a life style for the youth hence the ad’s about alcohol where banned people complained , but now appaerantly there is a law that one can drink and walk freely without being arrested….how can the nation sobber up when there is this kind of nonsense happening?

  3. And another thing, alcohol encourages slavery. Some sort of slavery act is going on in the presence of alcohol. Look at it this way, when drunk there is definately, vulnerability. You risk your life walking the streets at midnight staggering around completely vulnerable, a father suddenly gets the confidence to beat up his wife in front of the kids, another idiot tries (and succeeds) to rape and have the nerve to blame it on alcohol. You waste money on this ‘poison’ where-else you could be funding your children’s education and building your dream house and living the luxury life you so desire! Now, do you see why I say Alcohol consumption is slavery???

  4. This has to be my favourite blog of all the ones you wrote so far! Jonga sisi I was also one of those crying “job employment” but this hepled me change perspectives! IT is not ok to excuse it as “people will loose” jobs,society is dying and we(I) need to do something about it.Its these kinds of blogs that get people talking and moving.Keep keeping on Ntsikisto

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