My 2 Ladies….

There are two women in my life that teach me how to be a sister.

My older sister Thandiswa, and my younger sister Nomsa.


These 2 women have singlehandedly stretched and pushed my patience till I got over my own self. These 2 women constantly show me that I am an imperfect human being……but still worthy of being loved.


Obviously I met TanTan (Thandiswa) first….I don’t remember much of our childhood dynamics but she insists, that I cried to her, for my entire first day of school.

 This is a piece of information that she likes to drop whenever she gets a chance- especially around my new boyfriends.

(I suspect it’s her way of telling potentials ukuthi “wooooooo this one aint got no swag!”)   :’’’’D


Unlike my relationship with Nomi (Nomsa), TanTan and I can clash as we are both ‘bull’ personalities. We both prefer to have things done our own way and when our 2 ways clash……hmmmm kunzima!

 Whereas with Nomi, I have come to terms with the fact that she is a bossy boots so I tend to step back and let her have her way. Lol! Stru!


The most intriguing and precious thing about siblings is that no matter how much I try to convince myself that I don’t need my sisters, life shows me that, actually, I can’t live without them.

The most excruciating fights are with my sisters and my favourite moments in life always include my sisters.


We had quite a protected upbringing.

My mother preferred our friends to rather come visit our home, than us to go out. As a result of this, my sisters and I have always been friends.

Not a skeem or a clique though…..we are all too independent to cling onto each other. We are friends.

We chat, party and get drunk together……and cry together at funerals.


What I think has preserved our relationship is that, we stay in our own lanes. Nomi Knows that I’m her big sister. And the 2 of us KNOW that TanTan is the captain. We don’t create conflict by going against the natural order.

Having an older sister is something that one should never take for granted. It’s a gift to have someone always walking one step ahead of you. It’s a safety net that can last a lifetime.


Having a younger sister has taught me patience. I am still riddled with guilt at what an awful job I did as a big sister when I was still young. Eish…..back then, I didn’t quite like the girl who came and took all my attention.

Learning to accept having a little sister was a journey. The power of having a younger sister only showed itself to me later in life.


Nomi taught me what it is to fight for someone. Even though I was okay with abusing her, if anybody else did the same to her, I would show them flames.

It is through having a little sister that I learnt how to be fearless and to show courage.

When you have a younger sibling who looks to you for protection, it teaches you how to be a leader.

Now that she is old enough to fight her own battles she is teaching me new lessons.


The most beautiful lesson I have learnt from these 2 women is LOYALTY.

What a rare and beautiful thing.

These are the women who piss me off by telling me my brutal truths.

These are the women who are unaffected when South Africa is pissed off at something I tweeted

These are the women I can shamelessly call when I only have 10c in my wallet

These are the women who openly laugh at my outfits and say ‘ayi Ntsiki just do you!’ lol!


These are the women that show me that I’m a control freak, dramaqueen and an overall difficult personality……but they continue to love me so effortlessly.


They love me, like it’s like breathing to them……these precious gifts I call siblings.


4 thoughts on “My 2 Ladies….

  1. I grew up as the only girl amongst 4 brothers, throughout those years I always longed for an older sister took me a while to understand that ish aint gna happen. Was so happy when my older brother got married for a found an older sister in my sister in law!

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