The Visitor

I have a visitor in my house

She came in quietly in the dead of the night

She came to my door

Carrying bags

When I opened the door

She looked me straight in the eye

And walked passed me,

inside my house


She doesn’t speak much


She unpacked her bags in my bedroom

and started to move things around

I asked her how long she would be staying?

She didn’t respond-

just looked up at me with a blank expression

I asked her if she wanted some water

She shook her head and continued

To move things without my permission


I tried to ignore her


I turned on the tv but there was nothing to watch

I turned on my radio- but nothing made me dance


I got into my car to leave

And she followed behind me

I didn’t really engage her,

besides she didn’t talk much


I went on about my days,

Everyday a new day

I never quite got used to her presence

She was there- but didn’t want disturbance

I too, found it too much effort to begin

Difficult conversations


We found our silent rhythm

Her being there

Me continuing to live my life

Sometimes she would make her presence felt

and move me to bitter tears

On other days, it was like

She wasn’t even there


One day she quietly looked at me

And then she whispered


‘You never asked me my name…’


I calmly looked back at her and said

‘I know you….your name is Heartbreak.’


listen to Love’s Overrated by Ntsiki and Nomisupasta


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