Hi , my name is woman and patriarchy sexualised my body without my permission.


When did the nude feminine form start to represent sex? Have we become such a perverted nation that when we see the body, all we think about is sex? Or is this behaviour a sign that we have not come to terms to with our own sexuality. And why is our sexuality so shocking to us, when it’s just nature?


I am one of those women that is blessed/cursed with a ‘feminine’ body- I have a small waist and ample thighs. I have always been a ‘thick’/ big booty girl. As a result the world has always made sure I am ashamed of my body. The world has taught me to hide my beautiful body even though I was born naked. My creator created me naked, but the world says nudity is disgusting. I am REALLY confused here.


I realise that one doesn’t even have to be sexually suggestive to be considered cheap. So even a photoshoot where the concept is me ‘getting ready for a show’ and still in my undies……THAT too is considered porn.

So, when is it socially acceptable to embrace MY OWN body without being considered a whore? Is loving my body something I am supposed to do in the privacy of my own home? Is loving my body something I should hide?


Life is a journey and our bodies are evolving (getting old!) I’m now in my mid 30’s- my body is at its prime…..HELL YEAH I’m going to OWN this phase and FLAUNT it….in 20 years time, I may not be able to pull off stunts like these. Hahahahahahahahaha kahle nje


I personally don’t believe that being a slut has anything to do with nudity. Sometimes you wear hotpants because you are comfortable in them, and not because you are asking for sex.

There are all these rules associated with being a woman and ESPECIALY a ‘soul sista.’


Are we not yet at a place where we can view ourselves as art pieces? I want to be able to enjoy every curve of my body. I want the freedom for my body to have a place in society……a place which is not considered dirty.


I was called out by a friend on twitter 1 day when I asked y women r dressing ‘slutty.’ In hindsight, I was wrong. I was feeding into the same system that says that women can’t enjoy their bodies and more especially, their sexuality. The word slut is given to a woman who loves sex……what word do we have for men? Or is it only women who can be sluts?


Just because she loves sex, it does not make her any less of a queen. I think its problematic when you abuse your sexuality as I do believe that sex is sacred…..but no, I don’t think just because you are ‘naked’ then you are suggesting sex sista. I think women can wear whatever they want to wear….as long as they respect themselves.


I hear you when you say sex sells, but please don’t get it twisted………

Don’t assume I’m selling sex…..just because I’m comfortable in my own body……  


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One thought on “OWNING MY BODY….

  1. Its a fine line I guess. I mean you called SEXy when you dress less, suggesting sexual conotations. I also wonder at what point did we see nudity as sex? Our ancestors walked bare all day with boobs/abs and it was ok! Personally tv made me a sex zombie, till I freed myself.

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