What is this obsession with being better than other people?


Before the west set foot on these shores, African people were communal and worked together to achieve greater good FOR ALL.

Now we have a new breed of black people who want to feel more special than other blacks.


I understand that the black nation has always been at the bottom of the pile…but this approach of ‘helping only yourself’ is a bit troubling for me.

Over the past 20years I have watched new money take over people’s bodies. I have seen new money turn hustlers into assholes.


We have a new breed of blacks who are obsessed with being in the VIP section. That’s sad…..that you need validation by being in a ‘special’ corner of the same room.

Initially I thought it was because of the free alcohol…..but no, I have seen people STAY in the VIP section all night watching the ‘plebs’ across the string barrier. They just stand there with a drink and watch…..making sure they are seen in the VIP section.


There are people who will abandon their own friends just for a VIP ticket. There are people who will not go to places unless they are VIP.


My main concern is, are people not raised to KNOW that they are already VIP-with or without a plastic tag?

What is it, which makes people feel special about separating themselves from other people? Could this be western and ego driven behaviour? That same ugly behaviour that makes people feel and act superior. The same ugly behaviour, which white racism, has made Us, the brunt of? Are we doing to ourselves what racism has taught us? That some people are better than others…


I see that once people have sorted THEMSELVES out, then the rest don’t matter. I have seen this particularly in politics. Once you have the ‘right’ surname or are aligned with the right people, then you are sorted, and you turn a blind eye to needs of the majority people.


When black people were given political freedom (but not economic freedom) a few ‘special’ blacks were adopted into the white economy.


The South African economy was not broken down into more fair and just income levels, no, they just added a few bee faces in a continuing corrupt and unfair system. The white master just empowered 1 or 2 blacks- which in turn made us 1. Fight amongst each other to be the ‘special black’ and 2. It turns the 1 or 2 into nothing more than butlers of a white system.


None of these blacks that get special positions or are on the boards have effectively changed the system. The truth is, they don’t have the power to make any REAL changes in the various industries because they don’t own the cake. They were given crumbs to keep them busy, but they were not given any kind of REAL control. If they had REAL control….then their people would not still be suffering.


Not only do they not have real control but they are also scared of losing these ‘special’ butler benefits so they will do nothing to rock the boat. These people need to feel VIP because they know that when you are the blackface in a corporation, that’s all you are…..a black face.


It feels like black people have been looked down on, for so long, that they don’t want to be black anymore. So they think that the things which come with the west, will make them better than the other blacks.

That’s tragic.


The only way Afrika can rise is when the butler comes back to the people and we collectively take back the cake.

Kahle nje.


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