31 ways to fall inlove


  1. You can wash your hair everyday if you want to
  2. You don’t come across as trying to be someone you are not
  3. Your hairline is intact
  4. You do not have 2 types of hair texture on your head
  5. You look like the same person all the time
  6. You can invest your money into something that yields returns
  7. Wether you are broke or not- it will never show in your hair
  8. When someone compliments your hair…..its actually yours
  9. Vanity makes women competitive, when you are comfortable in your own skin and hair- you don’t see other women as threats
  10. The fact that you accept yourself as you are tells the world you love yourself
  11. You don’t create beauty…you simply are beauty
  12. There  is nobody giggling at the fact that you are flicking hair that isn’t yours
  13. Natural beauty attracts words like queen and empress- which in turn becomes how the world treats you
  14. You will NEVER have to explain your natural beauty for it how you were created
  15. You do not have to buy anything to feel beautiful
  16. You don’t attract shallow men who are driven by fashion
  17. You can enjoy water
  18. You don’t have unrealistic expectations of what you actually look like
  19. It makes you look younger for longer
  20. You image of beauty is not dictated to you by white people
  21. You don’t have to keep tapping your head like you have lice
  22. You don’t have to clean up somebody else’s hair around your own house
  23. You don’t have somebody you don’t knows hair on your head
  24. You don’t feel like you are wearing a hat all the time
  25. You are not indirectly being groupie to girls with long, wavy hair
  26. You feel content EVERY time you look in the mirror because you are not obsessed with fixing yourself
  27. Your Natural hair is versatile, so you get to play with it. You can twist your hair at night and wake up to a brand new hairstyle
  28. Natural hair is easy to maintain
  29. You don’t buy into an industry that makes you feel insecure about yourself
  30. Natural hair with the right grooming has NO competition (ask Pearl Thusi)
  31. Being the Natural you makes people see the real you….not the you, you are dying to be



                                                                 TRUE LOVE IS SELF ACCEPTANCE


3 thoughts on “31 ways to fall inlove

  1. Much respect for you sis’Ntsiki. Your words always build me every day as a young black woman in South Africa. Keep it up.

  2. Salute Sis’ Ntsiki. I’ve always wondered why people around me kept calling me ‘Queen or Princess or Empress’…lol hehehe. Now I know. I’ve been Ntsikified mos :O

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