Dear ANC


Re: The issue of the BOO


BOO, a sound made to show disapproval or contempt. A sound made to show disrespect. People BOO when they don’t like someone.


I write this letter as a fed up citizen of South Africa.


ANC is the orginasation I entrusted with my vote and support in 1994. Being the biggest political organisation at the time, ANC had paid its dues to be the organisation that governed our people.

There were many political parties who liberated us…a fact you like to blatantly ignore.

The liberation of black people in this country happened because black people as a whole had had enough and not because ANC was our ’messiah.’

You are the organisation we CHOSE to lead us…something you have now taken for granted.


I have never been at any of the stadiums where (hopefully soon to be ex) President Zuma has been booed lately, but I can tell you that those BOOs represent my voice. Every time I hear of another booing, in my heart I say ‘THANK YOU those people are Booing on my behalf!’


What is disturbing though, is how you keep coming up with excuses to pretend as if the BOOing isn’t happening. You are starting to create an awkward moment where you look like the kid with chocolate on his face, denying to have eaten the chocolate. Please save us from the embarrassment of having a government that doesn’t take responsibility for its actions?


As you know, African people are a conservative nation, so for them to start BOOing at memorial service of the ‘Greatest man of our time,’ it SAYS something. That first and most memorable BOOing was a spontaneous reaction from the PEOPLE. And since then, a number of provinces have also BOOed him in their stadiums. Stop being in denial, the BOOings ARE happening and they need to be addressed.


I don’t believe that EVERYBODY in the ANC has been ‘corrupted,’ it is to these people that I make an appeal. The time has come for you to show yourselves and step up as true leaders in this situation.


There is a loud enough Anti Zuma sentiment for this issue to be brought to the table. The BOOing is telling us that A LOT of South Africans want a new president.


South Africans are yearning for a chance to start on a new page. We want a leader that will inspire us and make us the great nation we were starting to be before Zuma’s term.

Yes, we agree, we are not all politicians and you know better…..but we have reached a stage where having Jacob Zuma has affected the morale of the country. We are the people of this country and we should also have a say in who we want to lead us.


At Madiba’s memorial service you said we would address the BOOing after the visitors had left. They have been gone for over 3months and still no word from you about our grievances.


When it comes to this matter, you, ANC members have been your worst enemy…you have given rise to not only competition but also distrust. The way in which you have handled yourselves in the 20years of freedom leaves us wondering if we gave our Power to the right people.


There are MANY reasons why the Zuma administration has upset the people of South Africa. The people have been disrespected on many different levels on many different occasions. In future, please ANC, be conscious as to the kind of character you put on a pedestal and make us call president. Here are a few points:


  1. Can your candidate not have any criminal charges against them? Yes, politics are a dirty game but please can we also consider that you are leaders and must thus set an example.

  2. Should your candidate be a polygamist, please can it be in the true African form- not ‘polygamy’ that has MANY girlfriends and children in and out of wedlock. This sends out the wrong message to our sons.

  3. Can spousal allowance only cover ONE wife, if a man chooses to have more, may that be his own personal affair and not affect our taxes

  4. Can your candidate not allow rich friends to land at national key points? When the president does not see this as a threat to our security as a country, then I become worried.

  5. Can your candidate be well read on Black Consciousness? At this stage of Africa’s liberation from the west we need a president who has an agenda to unify Africa. Ignorant comments about other African nations are inappropriate.

  6. Can your next candidate have ubuntu and compassion? R240 million on 1 property when people are living in shacks is disturbing. The fact that a man can have animals living in a million rand kraal while his people live in corrugated iron is sickening. So its okay for your people to live emazenkeni as long as your family is sorted?

  7. Can your next candidate be inspiring?


    Basically, the BOOing is South Africa asking president Zuma to step down.



I have spotted a new, growing trend in the political landscape of celebrating people based on their surname. This is a dangerous trend.

It is particularly dangerous because it has the ability to puts false prophets in powerful and influential positions.


Here is my issue with celebrating on the basis of a surname.

Are we celebrating that these struggle icons have children? Thing is, procreation is human nature so the fact that struggle heroes have children/grandchildren is not really extra-ordinary.

Are we celebrating that these kids have Struggle Icon parent/grand-parents? That too is not really an achievement as nobody has to the power to choose which family they get born into.

So why are we being made to celebrate the children/ grandchildren of Struggle heroes as if they have achieved something?


What is particularly scary about this trend is that, these kids (who haven’t even made a name for themselves) are being placed in leadership positions. Now tell me, HOW are children that come from privilege going to know the needs of the masses? This new breed of Icons Based On Surnames don’t know what it is to struggle. The majority went to good schools, have never slept hungry and would be COMPLETELY traumatised if you left them in the middle of Noord Street Taxi Rank. (If they even know where that is)


I am not saying that you have to come from a previously disadvantaged community to know struggle and be a leader.

However what I AM saying is that if these I.B.O.S were REALLY activists wouldn’t we have heard of their names before……even in university as part of src?

How convenient it is now that jobs are not easy to find, suddenly these kids become politicians and use their parents connections. What is even more ironic is that they will be the FIRST to say ‘the masses shouldn’t expect hand-outs.’ My thing is…….your parents bought you your first car……you know NOTHING……how are you going to even begin to be in a place to say ‘the miners make enough money.’


These kids we are celebrating are not tackling our social ills, they are not standing up for the rights of people and are very much into the VIP culture. What is happening before our eyes is that these ‘special families’ in government are trying to ‘keep the wealth in the family’ by putting forward their children. This system is not sustainable.

We need a government of people that genuinely care about the people…not a government of 5 families where all the aunts, uncles, grandchildren, in-laws are eating nice and expecting the rest of society to ‘eat cake!’


Can we start putting forward people we recognise as REAL leaders…..not this system based on surnames?


We want to celebrate people who have EARNED it……..