Dear ANC


Re: The issue of the BOO


BOO, a sound made to show disapproval or contempt. A sound made to show disrespect. People BOO when they don’t like someone.


I write this letter as a fed up citizen of South Africa.


ANC is the orginasation I entrusted with my vote and support in 1994. Being the biggest political organisation at the time, ANC had paid its dues to be the organisation that governed our people.

There were many political parties who liberated us…a fact you like to blatantly ignore.

The liberation of black people in this country happened because black people as a whole had had enough and not because ANC was our ’messiah.’

You are the organisation we CHOSE to lead us…something you have now taken for granted.


I have never been at any of the stadiums where (hopefully soon to be ex) President Zuma has been booed lately, but I can tell you that those BOOs represent my voice. Every time I hear of another booing, in my heart I say ‘THANK YOU those people are Booing on my behalf!’


What is disturbing though, is how you keep coming up with excuses to pretend as if the BOOing isn’t happening. You are starting to create an awkward moment where you look like the kid with chocolate on his face, denying to have eaten the chocolate. Please save us from the embarrassment of having a government that doesn’t take responsibility for its actions?


As you know, African people are a conservative nation, so for them to start BOOing at memorial service of the ‘Greatest man of our time,’ it SAYS something. That first and most memorable BOOing was a spontaneous reaction from the PEOPLE. And since then, a number of provinces have also BOOed him in their stadiums. Stop being in denial, the BOOings ARE happening and they need to be addressed.


I don’t believe that EVERYBODY in the ANC has been ‘corrupted,’ it is to these people that I make an appeal. The time has come for you to show yourselves and step up as true leaders in this situation.


There is a loud enough Anti Zuma sentiment for this issue to be brought to the table. The BOOing is telling us that A LOT of South Africans want a new president.


South Africans are yearning for a chance to start on a new page. We want a leader that will inspire us and make us the great nation we were starting to be before Zuma’s term.

Yes, we agree, we are not all politicians and you know better…..but we have reached a stage where having Jacob Zuma has affected the morale of the country. We are the people of this country and we should also have a say in who we want to lead us.


At Madiba’s memorial service you said we would address the BOOing after the visitors had left. They have been gone for over 3months and still no word from you about our grievances.


When it comes to this matter, you, ANC members have been your worst enemy…you have given rise to not only competition but also distrust. The way in which you have handled yourselves in the 20years of freedom leaves us wondering if we gave our Power to the right people.


There are MANY reasons why the Zuma administration has upset the people of South Africa. The people have been disrespected on many different levels on many different occasions. In future, please ANC, be conscious as to the kind of character you put on a pedestal and make us call president. Here are a few points:


  1. Can your candidate not have any criminal charges against them? Yes, politics are a dirty game but please can we also consider that you are leaders and must thus set an example.

  2. Should your candidate be a polygamist, please can it be in the true African form- not ‘polygamy’ that has MANY girlfriends and children in and out of wedlock. This sends out the wrong message to our sons.

  3. Can spousal allowance only cover ONE wife, if a man chooses to have more, may that be his own personal affair and not affect our taxes

  4. Can your candidate not allow rich friends to land at national key points? When the president does not see this as a threat to our security as a country, then I become worried.

  5. Can your candidate be well read on Black Consciousness? At this stage of Africa’s liberation from the west we need a president who has an agenda to unify Africa. Ignorant comments about other African nations are inappropriate.

  6. Can your next candidate have ubuntu and compassion? R240 million on 1 property when people are living in shacks is disturbing. The fact that a man can have animals living in a million rand kraal while his people live in corrugated iron is sickening. So its okay for your people to live emazenkeni as long as your family is sorted?

  7. Can your next candidate be inspiring?


    Basically, the BOOing is South Africa asking president Zuma to step down.


124 thoughts on “DEAR ANC

  1. Clearly there 2 guys who are not seeing the light but as Mvalo and Mzwadile I am educated enough to see wat is going in our government so please you ,JZ and your ANC can say wat ever you want to say but there good story you are talking about go and tell the uneducated and abokoko bcoz they will always remain loyal members of ANC like you. But you will never robbe us even my mom can see that ANC can’t lead us to the greener pastures.

    • @OLD, I do not subscribe to your theses and philosophy of associating women with being guided by emotions, such insinuation and innuendos belong to primitive and ancient philosophers, mine is for an egalitarian society, with high respect for both men and women as equally capable.

      Unfortunately blackmailing and calling me names is not pursuade me otherwise.

      @KO, I found your statement to be distasteful, to the majority of South Africans who could not go to school, for the reasons known to them and to us, statements like these “good story you are talking about go and tell the uneducated and abokoko” are less intelligent, whilst engaging let’s desist temptation of undermining the intelligence of other people educated or not educated. If it was not the working class and the poor this country would have not been liberated.

      My submission is that the ANC under the leadership of Jacob Zuma has delivered, do you know under JZ this country now has the long term plan (National Development Plan), which was never there under Madiba and TM. This country is the first one in the world to have the President signing performance agreement with the Ministers. This country for the first time under President Zuma has come up with Integrated Infrastructure Projects, building of roads, dams, ports, schools, colleges, universities (two universities ie in Northern Cape and Mpumalanga) etc.

      For the first time in the history of this country,not under Madiba not under TM, the education has been declared as an apex priority, these are good stories that should occupy ourselves, not some side-stories, collaterals and trivial issues as championes by the Democratic Alliance and its surrogates.

      The world is appreciating South Africa, hence the Soccer World Cup, Cricket World Cup, Africa Nations Cup, all done under this administration of Jacob Zuma, today, Cape Town is the most visited and adored city in the world. Let’s be ambassadors of our own country.

    • Dear Ms Mazwai
      With all due respect(which u have given non to our president calling him uneducated and uninspiring). When expressing ur dissatisfaction plz do so with respect and speak on YOUR behalf, we have not chosen you as our representative so speak only for urself bcoz the ppl who allegedly BOOed the President do not even cover 2% of this country’s population. This country is a great country to live in bcoz of the role the ANC played during the struggle which President Jacob Zuma was a part of. You are intitled to YOUR opinion but plz do not act as a mouth piece for SA.

      • Sthembiso, we all know that Mr Zuma is not educated and that’s da word to define him and I don’t find it offensive at all. Every kid in madiba’s time looked up to him and mbeki’s time every kid wanted to grow well educated like him.

        Mandela was a lawyer by profession.
        Mbeki a professional Economist.
        Zuma a what exactly?????
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    • I don’t know much about politics, and thus far I see a huge turn around in terms of youth development and youth employement that is going from bad to worse.
      You cannot boast about building dams and so forth while it only provides temporal employment as for soccer world cup being into African soil for the 1st time in our ancient history, its was not JZs’ attempts but Nelsons’ and Thabo that had a very compound and dynamic impact.
      Corruption, nepotism, greediness and polygamy have been the good stories to tell for JZ so to speak.

      I love ANC whole heartedly but I won’t give my vote under JZ leadership.

  2. I lv ANC bt nw I’m fed-up crc,wt pissed me off is dat kraal for a million rand while we strugling to get jobs on da other side iesh ds makes me cry crc

  3. However everybody hv a freedom of speech in our South Africa which was implemented by our ANC back in 1994 I am very disapointed to read all this humilating post from someone who hs benefited so much under the leadership of ANC last time I checked the same citizens were critising MR TM because they accused him of nt doing his best to lead the organisation and JZ was then a favourite candidate I jst fail to understand wt we reli want as South African citizens please before you stand up and say something about ANC jst look at your life and compare it to those who died back in 1976 who had no internet access to conduct their bitterness abt whites and their leadership.

      • hahahaha Thokozan umuncu sisi or bhuti wam… you hv to be a politician to see the wrongs?… you hv to be a doctor to see if someone is sick?…do you hv to be a teacher to teach someone a lesson???….mnxim umuncu shame .

  4. It shocks me to see how ppl of South Africa are still blind and seeing what is happening around them or foresee what coming.

    It was such an embarrasment to see a number of South Africans who were not happy with our president during the Memorial of our leader Tata Mandela. Not only there but peolple of South Africa still continues to show how they are dissatisfied by a number of things happening and when they open up about them to the ANC they are either being ignored or attacked for speaking out.

    It true the rate of unemployment in this country has gone from bad to worse. Our president on his first speech promised the people employment but the decisions made by people under his leadership achieve quite the opposite of what the president promised the nation.

    Asiyeke ukuzikhohlisa. Many of us placed our loyalty to the ANC and voted for Jacob Zuma to be our president, are dissappointed by the actions and decisions. Abaholi bethu abasafuni ukusilalela.

  5. These diehard anc fans need to grow the f*ck up. Talking about dams and sh*t, where the hell is the water promised to all citizens? Where the hell is the toilets because sanitation, and i mean proper sanitation is a basic human right. And Cape Town mind you is not under ANC rule, so dont brag about sh*it that you have nothin on. The education in SA is ranked 114 in the world, like how dumb do you get really now. There isnt any good story here, just that idiots and dummies are running the show, i aint voting for sh*t.

  6. So trueeeee Ms Mazwai and yeahh ts nt only u who feels like this!!!!!!guys stop standn up for Zuma ongena xesha lethu haybo.I mean really ukhona umntu ongaba R249 M azakhele indlu eva yena hehhehehehehe wht abwt abantu that voted 4 him!!!! tjoooooooooooo haymarn Zuma ehla esihlalwen uyeke ukuba selfish sonele nguwe nw!!!NB we dnt hv problem ne ANC sonele ngu Zuma qha

  7. Thank you Miss Mazwai I feel the same. If they can change the face of that guy in the ballot paper maybe I will change my mind and vote for my ANC.

  8. I fully agree with you Ntsiki,,,,this has gone too far now. Yes, no one is perfect but JZ was never good for this position. I personally not his biggest fan, his learnership doesn’t inspire me at all. It’s high time that he step down as a President.

  9. I’m one of the South Africans whose also fed up with Jacob Zuma and his administaration. ANC has been defending Zuma since year 2009. I cannot continue to support the organisation that, support and defend corrupt comrades in the expense of the poorest of the poor. Zuma must do South Africans a big favour and just STEP DOWN.

  10. 99 % of people here are disapointed with ANC so those who don’t see the light and think we are going to vote for ANC better forget

  11. Oksalayo uZuma looo, wakhethwa iningi lamalungu ka-ANC ukuthi aphinde asihole futhi okwesibili. NgizoyiVotela i-ANC ngoba ukukhala akupheli kubantu abaqali kuZuma. “Viva JZ Viva”

  12. Sis, u acted like an opposition party claiming to be a concern citizen while u confused voters in this critical stage of election campaign. Even if the ANC want to recall Zuma wena do u suggest that to be done now before election. If u clever enough, u should know better about the outcome if u recall Zuma now and maybe that’s what u want to see ANC losing votes in the coming election. The issue about Zuma can be dealt with even after elections and please sis help the ANC, they might need yo wisdom after election. Negative thoughts will have negative impact, let us help ANC to rectify its mistake for the best benefit of the people. Thank you. Viva ANC, viva ANC…………………………..

  13. For sho my sister.
    You know i love the ANC with all my heart,but things like this make me think otherwise.I also make my plea to the top bros/comrades within the ANC please stop closing your ears and eyes listen to the people like you once said the people shall govern.How can you allow the birth of the two organization in the hands of just a single man? Stard counting those two broken fractions.

  14. The NEC is just mum about the citizens cry, clearly they have a gun against their heads or they stand and to benefit for being loyal to JZ.
    If there’s no turn around in the ANC leadership, there will surely be a turn around to which political party that will lead SOUTH AFRICA, NO DOUBT.

  15. The NEC is just mum about the citizens cry, clearly they have a gun against their heads or they stand to benefit for being loyal to JZ.
    If there’s no turn around in the ANC leadership, there will surely be a turn around to which political party that will lead SOUTH AFRICA, NO DOUBT.

  16. Find wht cc Ntsiki so true. We are really struggling in all corners of south africa. So I guess all those who are blaming her post have really benefited from the ANC guess thy are carrying memberships. Dzam people how can u be so blind. Guess u just like your president JZ.

  17. Zuma was wrong from day one nje,the anc lost my vote when he was elected as the president,I gave my vote away and am still gonna do so. I loved the anc until zuma made it what it is today. What a waste of a revolutionary party in his hands. But that’s what you get when you elect a man who was accused of rape. I always suspected he would mess things up. Viva Ntsiki”Mamiya”

  18. Its funny because its always to be the Xhosa people.. You people are just angry because you want your Xhosa people to lead, girl go for counselling together with ur other xhosa sisters and brothers, u need to deal with ur anger and accept that Zuma is here to stay

    Don’t let your anger cloud your judgement, ANC does deliver, how much does TM and Mandelas’s estate value?

    What’s also funny areas dominated mostly by the xhosa people are the most underdeveloped, we see on cutting edge and other similar programmes, kanti what did your Mandela or Mbheki do for you?

    • Yhoo hay sisi u r lost….this is not about ethnic groups plz dnt ignite unnecessary and idiotic quarrels,grow up….Mbeki was also recalled by Xhosas….plz be matured….Mbeki and Mandela led and developed the SA Citizens not Xhosas..that is being a South African right there

      • Okova abafana nawe sibajwayele, this is a rainbow nation and we fought hard and lost too much blood ngenxa nje yabantu abafana nawe. We conderm tribalism

  19. What ANC is doing is totally undescribed, our country is surrounded by intelligent ppl and they think that we will vote for them, I dnt think a normal south African citizen will vote for them while zuma is still a president

  20. i aint voting for no Anc if we wer 2 go baq koma 80/70s where our fathers and grandfathers stood 2getha and fought for whats ryt id gladly loose my blood coz Anc z jus f* us god damn education yalapha emzansi z jus pure kaak

  21. ANC has replaced the white capital with black capital. They do not have a good story to tell as an organisation because it has graft written all over it. Some comments here praising Zuma who has no record of formal education, are blinded by loyalty and are most likely riding on a gravy train. The ANC is good in politics of stomach, free t-shirts and free bus trips to and fro rallies. Their members are ignorant of the fact any government, has to fulfil its constitutional obligations not because its ANC government. I doubt the i.q of those who justify Nkandla, Guptagate, spy tapes, marikana, tatane, and many more.

  22. Thank you sis ntsiki, many of us share ur sentiments of disappointment….be that as it could prove suicidal to reduce the fundamental challenge of our to a single soul.our problem is the ANC,ZUMA is just a symptom that reflects a true character of the ruling elites all aspire to be like zuma.

  23. I respect Mosheshe guys please he has given you facts but all I read from all of you are hearsays to discredit Zuma. I’m also against the ANC rule under JZ and I have a choice of not voting for ANC. U must acknowledge the fact that food parcels free t shirt and and the brick containers they call RDPs and Tenders is working. Because majority of voters r the very people who are in need. So for them they vote for survival because they don’t think much about the future which they’re not sure of seeing it if they don’t survive today. Some of u critisize the social grants, do u really think those thousands of people queing every month in every town across the country will wanna loose that? Forget it(those r ANC votes). So my broda Mosheshe I admire ur loyality to the organization which when asked before by a friend that where is my membership card I respond by saying I’m an ANC member by default not knowing one day ill be disgusted by the arogance of the leadership which has the nerve to say to members who are not satisfied by the running of things that” You like it or not SIZONIPHATHA”. ANC is surviving mainly because people who experienced the apartheid government are still alive 50 years from now it will be a different ball game hence most of our leaders are taking whatever they can for the future of their kids. I hope u doing the same nawe or else u will hate yourself for being loyal and honest just like the ex MK members who had their teeth pulled out to proof that they were not spies just to join MK for the love of their country. Lastly Nkandla Gate! Bheki Cele was fired for such blunders regardless of how much we wanted him. And I understood because I don’t think u deserve to be a leader if u don’t know how money is spend recklessly under watchfull eye, to make matters worse on ur property. If I was doing a job or project for the President I wouldn’t dare think of lying nevermind misleading him unless ofcourse I know that he won’t mind. If I was a President who was mislead by my people I’ll put them on suspension while waiting for my own investigation not the PP’s. Those are some of the things that lead us to end up saying may he please give others a chance. TM suspended him for arms deal. That alone gave us confidence in him. I don’t care whether it was political or what but in the public eye he was the guy who demonstrated a fight against corruption which is been preached today. After they called for his resignition after the verdict by Nicholsen he went and appealed and his name was cleared no one came and apologised and reinstated him. So please Mosheshe everything on ur stats was achieved by ANC not Zuma. There r policies which were there b4 him which are still work in process. But when it comes to making leaderships decision he is failing and u turning a blind eye and hope that time run fast for his term to elapse. I will be very disappointed at you if u say in ur own opinion that u see President Zuma as a Worthy number one Citizen. Last week I heard one of African leaders saying that they lost confidence in SA under Zuma whether substantiated or not its a point of concern. I will vote any other party just to show ANC that Kophela Sofana. Le aramela le sa go tlhabetse

  24. As for this diehard ANC fans bathong please stop defending uZuma we all love and but we just don’t wanna be ruled by him, ANC now thinks that there’s no south africa without them and they took people for granted bcoz people trusted them, as for those who mention dams and all that sh*t grow up so many people are still wit no running water and toilets, sis ntsiki that’s so true yes “The liberation of black people in this country happened because black people as a whole had had enough and not because ANC was our ’messiah” ANC think they did all this chnge aLl by themselves without any help and sacrifices of other people which they don’t even mention them

  25. I don’t understand. Do some of you enjoy the life we’re living? Like, is this the legacy you want to leave your children? No hey. Many of the youth I’ve spoken to all agree on one thing : we don’t want to raise our children in a country that is a virus unto itself. Our economy is bad, our people aren’t getting proper education, health care or even sanitation. The funny thing is that every argument JZ supporters come up with can be disproved. Look at Cities not run by the ANC, take Pretoria for instance, these cities are actually thriving and the people are benefiting. Cape Town as well. Our currency has dropped miserably and our people are dying. The ANC did not liberate the country, the people of this country liberated themselves. As part of the youth I can personally say, on my and my friends’ behalf, that as soon as we get the opportunity we’re leaving this country because quite honestly it is embarrassing to be associated with this man and his administration. We are going to vote but not for the ANC as long as he is president. (I’m Black and qualified and not Xhosa, since apparently that matters.) I want a better future for my kids than this

  26. Thanks Ntsiki for being a voice among the millions.I’m also disgruntled by African National Corrupters and JacoBOO Zuma who sponges tax-payers monie!Seems people still hogging on ANC being the Only party to lead us,yet the poor are getting poorer and rich getting richer…*smh*

    SA needs an aspiring leader who will make a difference within the country.If people are still believing on the “struggle”,reckon you will still be treated like a 3rd class citizen in your own country.At least we know that Only in South Africa it pays to have Std 2/Grade 4!!

    But,I pray that one day will have a TRUE UNCORRUPT leader!Cry the beloved country!!

  27. Thanks to the guys/girls who realise that our country is on the edge of a downfall under JZ . How many people must die before we open our eyes and see the darkness around us. People defending JZ is the ones who benefit from his corrupt ways. It’s not a law to vote for the ANC. Lets give any other party a chance to prove to us their vision and mission for a better SA.

  28. Nelson Mandela once said, at a COSATU conference, “If #ANC do to you what the Apartheid government did to you, do to the #ANC what you did to the Apartheid government.” OR, Hani, Sobukwe, Biko, Luthuli, etc, etc, would have translated this to South Africans as, ” #STFU, ANC, #IDGAF ; #AFAIK , #Nkandla , #STFU ! Our people will be free when certain hyenas are six feet under. Before Jesus’s Second Coming.” I’ve got nothing to say to a bunch of brainless puppets.

  29. I believe Ntsiki’s letter to ANC should be applauded for creating this dialogue. We need to encourage these kinda debates so we could learn more about our lives and our country.
    Media has done its part into reporting what is solely based on the writer’s point of view and on their editors discretion . People who habour different opinions about how out country is should come out, not guns blazing, but love oozing, ready to teach those needing info. Scare tactics and belittling of each other’s intelligence creates unwanted view that our leaders are diverting from the debates, wanting to keep curious masses from seeing what’s happening around them. We need to deal with the concerns Ntsiki is talking about and of course they require cultural and social changes that would go far beyond electoral period. Artists say it like it is. Artists create something from nothing. They don’t have to regurgitate what they have learned to prove their intelligence. Artists stirr controversy to make our world a better place.
    South Africa is our country regardless of different affiliations we have as individuals.
    There was a time when the oppressed masses were fighting a common enemy, which was few people oppressing masses of the people black and white.

  30. I like south africa very much as my country of birth but its so hurtening to see it going in the direction most african countries took which led them to hunger and forcing people to take refuge in other countries,most of us seem to lack the most important values in life which are honesty,intergrity and trust,such people mostly are the members of the ruling party,some of them they compromise their values for personal gain and some merely lack intelectual capacity or just can’t think I mean I have no reason to believe a party led by people with a reputation of making blunders and always push the blame and simply cannot take responsibility for their destructive actions and decissions that they are capable of taking this country to a better place.we are headind backwards at a pace that is surely getting us in a dark place in no time so we need to make a drustic change while we still have time to save our country because it is clear the members of the ANC are failing to rescue it from its leaders instead they chose to take it down in the name of loyalty infact they are actually loyal to party heavies instead of the party itself.question is do we want to go down with them? In their persuit of loyalty they abuse and bulldose our maverics who are honest,have intergrity and trust such as Thuli Madonsela so those of us who share the same values as our maverics,those of us who are not selfish with great minds and intelectual capacity have a responsibility to rally behind our maverics,protect our country and democracy our heroes and icon Tata fought for,they wanted a better south africa for all not a few elite in the gravey train we owe it to them

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