Is City Press Stealing ideas from my blog?

I write this today, with a solemn heart as I may have to deactivate my blog owing to the fact that some SA journalists have no respect for intellectual property and I fear that I may see my ideas and thoughts as Sunday morning headlines under somebody else’s byline.

Last week I was contacted by a Dumisani Lubisi, an editor from City Press, he said to me, “hi Ntsiki we need to steal something from you……that Dear ANC letter.”  I told him that I am a writer and cant have him publish my work for his publication for free but he was welcome to use the piece and I would invoice him.

He then asked me if I have any other burning issues? And if I did, I should just send them to him to be possibly used. I said ‘actually I DO have a burning issue right now,’ and I proceeded to give him the link to my blog “WE ARE SELL-OUT” ( ) which is a blog where I express that we do away with ‘Die Stem’ on our anthem.

This interaction happened LAST WEEK, so you can imagine my shock and surprise when City Press THIS WEEK now has a headline with an article doing the SAME STORY.

When I spotted this on twitter I questioned this and they said its a coincidence.

I have ALL the correspondence with the editor from the chat last week.

Dumisani Lubisi says he cant control it if 2 writers have the same idea……..I find it one HELL of a coincidence that these 2 writers had the exact same thought as our conversation……about an issue that wasn’t even topical at the time.

wow what a coincidence……..

I believe I need some legal advice because something tells me this ‘coincidence’ is fucking with my intellectual property!

But besides that……City Press you are losing credibility. Your ethics need to be addressed. If you need to steal ideas off the internet….then something is not working. You are hiring the wrong writers.

If this is the case, I suggest you stop stealing my work and just buy my articles!





Damn Horny Leaders!

SA has been talking lately, speaking of this thing called a moral compass.

This is Hi-lighting the probability that South Africans may not know the difference between right and wrong.


I have seen this in the kind of leaders we elect into power. Not just politics but people (mostly men), we call leaders. These are Men who influence the men in our lives. These are men who set the benchmark.


I think that the problem we South Africans face is, that we do not realise that it takes a certain kind of personality/ character, to be a leader. I get the sense that in SA, all you have to be is charismatic and male and the people will hail you as a leader.

This is a grave mistake we are making. We as South African have to sit down and discuss Who and What makes a person a leader.


We keep producing mediocre results because we keep hailing the wrong people as leaders.

We keep giving these platforms of influence and control to any man…….these positions need to be saved for True leaders.


One of the most important characteristics of being a leader is having DISCIPLINE. For me, this is too damn obvious. A good leader is disciplined.

So why is it that these men in powerful positions seem to have sex addictions and problems with objectifying women?

Is a good leader, one who sleeps around?


I too occupy a position where I am exposed to MANY who want to bed me. Does this mean that as a youth leader… prove myself, I should be sleeping around and abusing my access to the D?

Weak characters when placed in this situation will get excited and drop their pants. But in all honesty, we all know that Power lies in not being so easily ‘taken.’


So now what is happening with our CEOs lately? Zwelinzima Vavi is certainly NOT the only head of organisation that is sleeping with young girls (and possibly older ones too).

Are these men REALLY leaders if they occupy that space for punani?


There are men who sleep around, and there are women who sleep around. Is greatness not about self preservation and having control over your body. We are all having the human experience…is it REALLY healthy and normal to have multiple sex partners? So we hail people who sleep around as leaders. Wow.

Thing is, not EVERYBODY who is placed in a powerful position resorts to sleeping around…so it genuinely worries me that we South Africans have not called this issue to order.


It always goes as far as the tabloids and gossip, we don’t stop and look at ourselves and put forward people who are True Leaders.


For me, true leaders should have characteristics that make them extraordinary, discipline, fearlessness, respect, honour, dignity, courage, integrity, compassion in addition to charisma.

We can’t take just one characteristic in isolation.

Leaders are specific people with a certain combination of qualities.

We keep making people leaders because we think they are nice.

It is wasting our time and resources.


These older men that haven’t gotten punani out of their system should be excused from leadership positions….they are not taking us forward.


We need leaders which don’t think with their sexual organs. Kahle Nje.




I would like to address this absurd notion that flaunting your material wealth inspires ‘poor’ people. In fact I would like to come straight out and say people who say that are speaking crap.


There is nothing profound, inspiring or uplifting about society’s obsession with material possessions.

Material wealth does NOT make people extra-ordinary……it is what people DO that makes them extraordinary.


The flaunting of wealth by the middle class is not building our community. If anything, it is exposing that we are buffoons. We rate ourselves ngezinto zabelungu. These material things are not the values on which our people lived on. They came with the west. So when ‘success’ is the ability to acquire foreign things…..I really worry about mankind and what kind of a people we are breeding.


We no longer teach our children principles like honour, integrity and compassion…we now teach them to aim for driving a German car. Wow.

We are saying, dear black child…..the aim of life is to drive a nice car.

Wow……and then we wonder why we have bred a mediocre society.

We don’t teach people to be great human beings…we teach them to aspire to wear nice clothes from Italy? Wow.


If I could have a moment with the black child I would tell them

‘Sweety it’s not your ‘things’ that will leave a legacy for you when you die…….it’s the kind of person you were.’


I see today’s youth AND elders over excited about this thing called ‘Freedom.’

We are a nation of people that’s always trying to prove a point, trying to show the world that ‘I’m not a poor black.’

It’s so sad because the way we are behaving is showing that we actually are poor…in character. We are a nation that is defined by things outside of us. The truth of the matter is that we are not free. We continue to buy into western standards and expectations. That is not freedom. We are still slaves.


Material wealth comes and goes…..but who you are…..your character, is your footprint in this world.

This obsession with ‘things’ is distracting you from harnessing your true potential and being the person you were destined to be.


When it comes to the issue of flaunting your wealth in front of poor people…..that is, straight up,  some asshole bullshit. The poor should strip you, sell your clothes and buy a sheep for the community! TSEEEEK!!!!

Forgive and Forget…….neh

Do our white people realise just how deeply offensive this ‘Let’s just move on; it’s not about race’ angle is?

On a continent where EVERYTHING has been designed according to race, how do you JUST expect me to ‘just move on?’


It does not serve the victim to ‘forgive and forget’… serves the abuser, the oppressor.


Who does it serve to just move on and allow a minority to keep the land, history and resources of this land? Most of the wealth, in this black majority land…..seems to be in the hands of non blacks. So No……We can’t ‘move on’ until we have clarified this situation.


When do we start a land audit on the more than 80% of our land stolen by white people?


I can only start speaking about ‘Forgive and Forget’ once my people get their land back.


A lot of white South Africa is still currently living off Old Money and some even have dual citizenship. So Who Exactly is this ‘Forgive and Forget’ really serving?


White privilege has a lot to say about freedom…from the comfort of their multiple ha plots.


The indigenous people of this land are living on top of each other in townships, kept there by this thing called lack of money. (Remember we got political freedom- not economic freedom)


So essentially, most of our white people right now are ‘sippin on cocktails’ co-revolutionaries.

They will LOVE that Julius Malema puts “Zooma” in his place, but you will never find them giving up their country clubs and sharing them with ‘the underprivileged.’


So nje please….don’t patronise me and tell me it’s not about race……

If it wasn’t about race, then white people wouldn’t be scared of black people, and coming into black neighbourhoods.

If it wasn’t about race, our white people would learn local languages. as quickly as you want to learn French and German.

If it wasn’t about race, white women would not be TERRIFIED of a group of black men.

If it wasn’t about race then white people would ALWAYS have predominantly black people in their homes, considering that this is a black majority country.

If it wasn’t about race, more black people would have access to holiday houses in Ballito and Kenton

If it wasn’t about race, white people would know how to cook local foods……but erm….you find it… gross.


I could go on for pages.


African people are the LAST nation to be accused of racism. You can’t say we have ubuntu and then turn around and try to teach us that all people are the same. *_*


We already know that all people are equal….

We just can’t Forgive and Forget…

till we get back all that was taken from us.


1stly it’s hard to forgive someone who has not said ‘Sorry,’

2ndly, I will ‘Move On’ at my own pace- you are no longer the boss of me!  Thanks!

The Politician’s Artist

There are artists which I have lost respect for, owing to this election period.

Voices which I thought represented the people on the ground.


I have lost respect for the supposed Voices of the people. Artists that failed to use their platform to put the needs of the people ahead of their own.

I see that their art is a quick buck….it’s not necessarily ‘a calling.’


To him that much is given…..much is expected.


Being an artist is an honour. It is a blessed existence. Artists attract a lot of love and get a lot of freebies. They get fussed about and are placed on a high pedestal. They wake up when they want to. They travel as part of their job. The VERY least they can do is recognise this privilege and take responsibility for the amount of power they have.


It is VITAL that artists use their popularity and platform for the greater good.


There are certain members/institutions of our communities that HAVE TO remain apolitical in public, ESPECIALLY during election periods.

It is irresponsible for certain members of society to take sides because it compromises the integrity of our government and our democracy.


There are a number of reasons Artists should not be campaigning for political parties


  1. Artists are creative. They CREATE…..they don’t DEPEND on government or anyone. That is why they are so powerful. They are beings that have a platform that sustains itself.

  2. If an artist chooses sides, they will then become ‘blind’ to a particular party’s injustices and wrong doings.

  3. An Artist is a reflection of society….if your artists are willing to sell you out for a quick buck…it means we have bred such a society. A greedy and selfish society.

  4. If your artists are not speaking FOR The people….then WHO is speaking for the people? The people don’t have access to media and stadiums where they can address audiences. The artist is the person that the people choose and put on a stage….WITH A MICROPHONE! Use it!



    Artists should be autonomous bodies which don’t take side.

    When an artist accepts a gig from a corporate…they don’t get involved in company politics and they are certainly not forced to become part of that company’s marketing campaign to get more clients……WHY IS OUR GOVERNMENT DOING THAT WITH OUR ARTISTS????


    Just because government needs artists to perform at the various events, it does NOT mean the artists owe them anything. Artist get paid for their performances and appearance……the marketing and campaigning of political organisations is not an artist’s business.


    This thing of artistS licking political ass has made them lose credibility to me. It has made them look desperate. And it has made them look self serving.


    Wow Mzansi……in the past your artistS liberated you… they sell you out for R5 000.


    As for your government….you should be worried. 

    They are using celebrities to sell their Parties….when they should be using POLICIES!


It saddens me to be part of a people who do not take pride in who they are. I am ashamed of being of a people that is constantly compromising, constantly dimming down its own light.


This is Afrika.

I am tired of apologising for being African and EXPECTING to do things to be done the African way. I am tired of Africans always needing a master. I am tired of Africans always NEEDING to be accepted by other races. I am tired of black South Africans always seeking validation from White South Africa.


Forgiveness does not mean that you lose sight of yourself. Forgiveness does not prescribe that you need to compromise on who you are.


Many of our South African brothers and sisters live EVERYWHERE in the world, China, American, UK, India, even Australia but NONE of these countries, have EVER, considered  sections of their national anthem being sung in our south African languages.


Which brings me to the English and Afrikaans sections of our National Anthem…1st of all, can we acknowledge that these two languages are not indigenous languages.

They are foreign languages. Afrikaans may be spoken. only in south Africa. but it is a descendant of Dutch and which came with the….erm…..Dutch in 1862. So essentially it’s a south African slang version of a foreign language.


Before white people came to ‘save’ us, we were living; and we were African; and we had our own ways and languages…and we sang an anthem called ‘Nkosi Sikelela iAfrika.’


2ndly these 2 languages were used to oppress us.

 An apartheid story we all know very well.

This very same ‘Die Stem’ we are singing was used to kill our people.

It was sung as a Victory song as they gunned down our families.

It was sung as a victory song when they tore down Sophiatown.

They sang Die Stem, when they sent their soldiers out into our neighbourhoods, to kill our children.


This ‘Die Stem’ should have been killed and buried with Apartheid.


Here we stand, singing it, from deep within our hearts. Here we stand singing “Dankie Verwoerd! Finally we are free to sing Die Stem!”


Did Biko die so that we can sing ‘Die Stem?’ Or could Biko have died so that we can sing it loudly one day…. NKOSI SIKELELA I-AFRIKA,





 Take ownership of ourselves in our own land with our own anthem!


They say when in Rome, you do as the Romans do…..did anybody ever take the time to translate to our white people the parts we did away with? The parts we sacrificed to accommodate them. And do they even care? Did anybody ever consider what is being said in the parts that now remain unsung?


“Woza moya

Woza moya

Woza moya


Nkosi sikelela

Thina usapho lwayo




Kude kube ngona phakade”


Did nobody notice that we took out the section where we call on the Great spirit to be with us until the end of time.


When we say ‘Thina Usapho lwayo’- ‘God Bless us, her family.’ We don’t say her BLACK family, we say her family. This omission of race says EVERYTHING in a single line.

The mere fact that now we want to ‘remix’ it, exposes our race issues.


The Afrikaans part of our anthem is emotionally LOADED and keeps us in the past.

The English part is kinda like the random white dude who came with his black friend to the braai. Lol! It’s cute but it does not invoke the same amount of power as the traditional version of Nkosi Sikelela.


Apart from the fact that, this is the part where, the music work peaks…we have CHEATED ourselves. We have diluted a once great masterpiece in the name of being politically correct. Our political correctness is fake. We as Africans failed to teach people how to treat us and teach them our ways.

Our white people have been……(how shall I put this)……..RUDE.


You don’t get onto a land, dispossess a people and take EVERYTHING…..even their anthem. You should have humbled yourselves and learnt the words of our anthem and respected that this is South Africa and we have a warcry that resonates right across the continent of Africa…..

Even in Tanzania, you will hear them sing……



Some may argue that we are teaching non racialism……I disagree, we are teaching the black child how to erase their own story to accommodate other races.

This is not compassion….its submission.


This remix did not unify us, infact, if anything it has moments where racism is blatantly being displayed- especially when it comes to which parts are sang by whom.


This ‘let’s Forgive and Forget’ mentality is denying African people the opportunity to claim back their dignity and identity. It is denying ALL races living in South Africa the opportunity to start having REAL and honest conversations so that healing can start taking place.


Ma-Afrika…..when it comes to the national anthem….


My Mother’s Tongue

Why do we hate ourselves so much that we would abandon our mother’s tongue for somebody else’s mother’s tongue?
(some chick called Elizabeth who is in possession of our Kimberly Diamond, to be specific)

ENGLISH- What a political journey the ENGLISH language has been in South Africa. Knowing English seemingly is the benchmark for ‘excellence.’

When people want to appear smart, they bring out the big English words. Sadly, the opposite of that also happens, when people cannot articulate themselves in English then the assumption is that they are illiterate or ignorant/stupid.

Why has English been put on such a pedestal and why is my mother’s tongue not ‘stepping up?’ Why nami ndingavele ndidele ngesiXhosa sam and let my mother’s tongue take her place in this ‘global market.’

Here we are laughing and giggling about misspelling, mispronouncing, misusing the foreigner’s language. Yet we don’t hold the foreigner up to the same standards when it comes to our languages.

We don’t consider the sheer display of brilliance by African people, speaking mothers and foreign mother’s tongues so fluently.

We spend so much time and energy on developing how we speak English, how about we spend that much energy on developing our own languages.

The time has come for Africans to stop being ashamed of being African and to embrace their indigenous languages.

And let’s stop being so damn serious, when a mistake is made in ANY language, it is most likely to make a few people giggle. If I, as a Xhosa woman say something in Sesotho and it comes out wrong and its sound funny……we laugh. When this happens with the English language please stop getting defensive and idolising English…..lets laugh.
English is not a measure of intelligence.

While we sit here and make English our priority…….the other leading nations of the global economy are teaching their children in their OWN mother’s tongue.
…..while we sit here on 30% pass rate and perfect our twangs…..

What does this concept of freedom mean when we are still in western chains?
When is it ok to celebrate the freedom to be African? Are we not aware that when we kill our languages, we kill ourselves?

There is so much wealth and knowledge stored in our proverbs and the manner in which we construct our sentences. Our languages have so much depth and meaning……I don’t understand why we have abandoned them.

Had this piece been written in my mother tongue is would have been so much more powerful….but here I sit……brainwashed and hijacked of my own depth and identity.