It saddens me to be part of a people who do not take pride in who they are. I am ashamed of being of a people that is constantly compromising, constantly dimming down its own light.


This is Afrika.

I am tired of apologising for being African and EXPECTING to do things to be done the African way. I am tired of Africans always needing a master. I am tired of Africans always NEEDING to be accepted by other races. I am tired of black South Africans always seeking validation from White South Africa.


Forgiveness does not mean that you lose sight of yourself. Forgiveness does not prescribe that you need to compromise on who you are.


Many of our South African brothers and sisters live EVERYWHERE in the world, China, American, UK, India, even Australia but NONE of these countries, have EVER, considered  sections of their national anthem being sung in our south African languages.


Which brings me to the English and Afrikaans sections of our National Anthem…1st of all, can we acknowledge that these two languages are not indigenous languages.

They are foreign languages. Afrikaans may be spoken. only in south Africa. but it is a descendant of Dutch and which came with the….erm…..Dutch in 1862. So essentially it’s a south African slang version of a foreign language.


Before white people came to ‘save’ us, we were living; and we were African; and we had our own ways and languages…and we sang an anthem called ‘Nkosi Sikelela iAfrika.’


2ndly these 2 languages were used to oppress us.

 An apartheid story we all know very well.

This very same ‘Die Stem’ we are singing was used to kill our people.

It was sung as a Victory song as they gunned down our families.

It was sung as a victory song when they tore down Sophiatown.

They sang Die Stem, when they sent their soldiers out into our neighbourhoods, to kill our children.


This ‘Die Stem’ should have been killed and buried with Apartheid.


Here we stand, singing it, from deep within our hearts. Here we stand singing “Dankie Verwoerd! Finally we are free to sing Die Stem!”


Did Biko die so that we can sing ‘Die Stem?’ Or could Biko have died so that we can sing it loudly one day…. NKOSI SIKELELA I-AFRIKA,





 Take ownership of ourselves in our own land with our own anthem!


They say when in Rome, you do as the Romans do…..did anybody ever take the time to translate to our white people the parts we did away with? The parts we sacrificed to accommodate them. And do they even care? Did anybody ever consider what is being said in the parts that now remain unsung?


“Woza moya

Woza moya

Woza moya


Nkosi sikelela

Thina usapho lwayo




Kude kube ngona phakade”


Did nobody notice that we took out the section where we call on the Great spirit to be with us until the end of time.


When we say ‘Thina Usapho lwayo’- ‘God Bless us, her family.’ We don’t say her BLACK family, we say her family. This omission of race says EVERYTHING in a single line.

The mere fact that now we want to ‘remix’ it, exposes our race issues.


The Afrikaans part of our anthem is emotionally LOADED and keeps us in the past.

The English part is kinda like the random white dude who came with his black friend to the braai. Lol! It’s cute but it does not invoke the same amount of power as the traditional version of Nkosi Sikelela.


Apart from the fact that, this is the part where, the music work peaks…we have CHEATED ourselves. We have diluted a once great masterpiece in the name of being politically correct. Our political correctness is fake. We as Africans failed to teach people how to treat us and teach them our ways.

Our white people have been……(how shall I put this)……..RUDE.


You don’t get onto a land, dispossess a people and take EVERYTHING…..even their anthem. You should have humbled yourselves and learnt the words of our anthem and respected that this is South Africa and we have a warcry that resonates right across the continent of Africa…..

Even in Tanzania, you will hear them sing……



Some may argue that we are teaching non racialism……I disagree, we are teaching the black child how to erase their own story to accommodate other races.

This is not compassion….its submission.


This remix did not unify us, infact, if anything it has moments where racism is blatantly being displayed- especially when it comes to which parts are sang by whom.


This ‘let’s Forgive and Forget’ mentality is denying African people the opportunity to claim back their dignity and identity. It is denying ALL races living in South Africa the opportunity to start having REAL and honest conversations so that healing can start taking place.


Ma-Afrika…..when it comes to the national anthem….



7 thoughts on “WE ARE SELL OUTS!

  1. I’m speechless sesi, I was not aware and I didn’t even analyze my beloved anthem at all. Kwanga uZimu angasenza sibe bahle soke.

    On Mon, Apr 14, 2014 at 6:51 AM, ntsikimazwai

  2. I do not sing “die stem” part. When the NG kerk folks say “die heure(sic)/God, they mean their exclusive god who propagated apartheid and prescribed enslaving of blacks, a devil essentially.

  3. I enjoyed reading the article,it made me think of sekhukhune and other leaders who fought and died for us.indeed we compromised too much,the land is gone,and as u say the anthem.we only have parlianment because economy is still in their hands.lefase legasho le kae

  4. Hvery nice pice to read sisi on the freedom day.i so wish everyone of us ca read it and understand that we are the really sell outs.Thanks Ntsiki God may bless with your writing skills.

  5. Hi Ntsiki, what a very nice pice to read sisi, on the freedom day.i so wish everyone of us can read it and understand that we are the really sell outs.Thanks Ntsiki God may bless you with your writing skills.

  6. Wow I’m in awe of this pirce as a practicing Sangoma I find myself ashamed,and scared to explain to my white boss and white/black (Christian) colleagues about my long overdue calling I’ve known since I was a little girl,which now I had to finally heed after a near stroke like illness.Being an outspoken individual somehow I find myself silenced ashamed having a need to shun the gift bestowed to me.Thank you Ntsiki for reminding me of who I am,I am an African daughter of this soil which our forefathers fought and died for!
    Ndiyabulela,Ke a leboga!

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