The Politician’s Artist

There are artists which I have lost respect for, owing to this election period.

Voices which I thought represented the people on the ground.


I have lost respect for the supposed Voices of the people. Artists that failed to use their platform to put the needs of the people ahead of their own.

I see that their art is a quick buck….it’s not necessarily ‘a calling.’


To him that much is given…..much is expected.


Being an artist is an honour. It is a blessed existence. Artists attract a lot of love and get a lot of freebies. They get fussed about and are placed on a high pedestal. They wake up when they want to. They travel as part of their job. The VERY least they can do is recognise this privilege and take responsibility for the amount of power they have.


It is VITAL that artists use their popularity and platform for the greater good.


There are certain members/institutions of our communities that HAVE TO remain apolitical in public, ESPECIALLY during election periods.

It is irresponsible for certain members of society to take sides because it compromises the integrity of our government and our democracy.


There are a number of reasons Artists should not be campaigning for political parties


  1. Artists are creative. They CREATE…..they don’t DEPEND on government or anyone. That is why they are so powerful. They are beings that have a platform that sustains itself.

  2. If an artist chooses sides, they will then become ‘blind’ to a particular party’s injustices and wrong doings.

  3. An Artist is a reflection of society….if your artists are willing to sell you out for a quick buck…it means we have bred such a society. A greedy and selfish society.

  4. If your artists are not speaking FOR The people….then WHO is speaking for the people? The people don’t have access to media and stadiums where they can address audiences. The artist is the person that the people choose and put on a stage….WITH A MICROPHONE! Use it!



    Artists should be autonomous bodies which don’t take side.

    When an artist accepts a gig from a corporate…they don’t get involved in company politics and they are certainly not forced to become part of that company’s marketing campaign to get more clients……WHY IS OUR GOVERNMENT DOING THAT WITH OUR ARTISTS????


    Just because government needs artists to perform at the various events, it does NOT mean the artists owe them anything. Artist get paid for their performances and appearance……the marketing and campaigning of political organisations is not an artist’s business.


    This thing of artistS licking political ass has made them lose credibility to me. It has made them look desperate. And it has made them look self serving.


    Wow Mzansi……in the past your artistS liberated you… they sell you out for R5 000.


    As for your government….you should be worried. 

    They are using celebrities to sell their Parties….when they should be using POLICIES!


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