Forgive and Forget…….neh

Do our white people realise just how deeply offensive this ‘Let’s just move on; it’s not about race’ angle is?

On a continent where EVERYTHING has been designed according to race, how do you JUST expect me to ‘just move on?’


It does not serve the victim to ‘forgive and forget’… serves the abuser, the oppressor.


Who does it serve to just move on and allow a minority to keep the land, history and resources of this land? Most of the wealth, in this black majority land…..seems to be in the hands of non blacks. So No……We can’t ‘move on’ until we have clarified this situation.


When do we start a land audit on the more than 80% of our land stolen by white people?


I can only start speaking about ‘Forgive and Forget’ once my people get their land back.


A lot of white South Africa is still currently living off Old Money and some even have dual citizenship. So Who Exactly is this ‘Forgive and Forget’ really serving?


White privilege has a lot to say about freedom…from the comfort of their multiple ha plots.


The indigenous people of this land are living on top of each other in townships, kept there by this thing called lack of money. (Remember we got political freedom- not economic freedom)


So essentially, most of our white people right now are ‘sippin on cocktails’ co-revolutionaries.

They will LOVE that Julius Malema puts “Zooma” in his place, but you will never find them giving up their country clubs and sharing them with ‘the underprivileged.’


So nje please….don’t patronise me and tell me it’s not about race……

If it wasn’t about race, then white people wouldn’t be scared of black people, and coming into black neighbourhoods.

If it wasn’t about race, our white people would learn local languages. as quickly as you want to learn French and German.

If it wasn’t about race, white women would not be TERRIFIED of a group of black men.

If it wasn’t about race then white people would ALWAYS have predominantly black people in their homes, considering that this is a black majority country.

If it wasn’t about race, more black people would have access to holiday houses in Ballito and Kenton

If it wasn’t about race, white people would know how to cook local foods……but erm….you find it… gross.


I could go on for pages.


African people are the LAST nation to be accused of racism. You can’t say we have ubuntu and then turn around and try to teach us that all people are the same. *_*


We already know that all people are equal….

We just can’t Forgive and Forget…

till we get back all that was taken from us.


1stly it’s hard to forgive someone who has not said ‘Sorry,’

2ndly, I will ‘Move On’ at my own pace- you are no longer the boss of me!  Thanks!


3 thoughts on “Forgive and Forget…….neh

  1. Be black and poor and hear how many people think you should always apologize, listen, learn and most of all know that your place at the end of the line. eMarikane no one is saying even black politicians give the people what is due to them.

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