Is City Press Stealing ideas from my blog?

I write this today, with a solemn heart as I may have to deactivate my blog owing to the fact that some SA journalists have no respect for intellectual property and I fear that I may see my ideas and thoughts as Sunday morning headlines under somebody else’s byline.

Last week I was contacted by a Dumisani Lubisi, an editor from City Press, he said to me, “hi Ntsiki we need to steal something from you……that Dear ANC letter.”  I told him that I am a writer and cant have him publish my work for his publication for free but he was welcome to use the piece and I would invoice him.

He then asked me if I have any other burning issues? And if I did, I should just send them to him to be possibly used. I said ‘actually I DO have a burning issue right now,’ and I proceeded to give him the link to my blog “WE ARE SELL-OUT” ( ) which is a blog where I express that we do away with ‘Die Stem’ on our anthem.

This interaction happened LAST WEEK, so you can imagine my shock and surprise when City Press THIS WEEK now has a headline with an article doing the SAME STORY.

When I spotted this on twitter I questioned this and they said its a coincidence.

I have ALL the correspondence with the editor from the chat last week.

Dumisani Lubisi says he cant control it if 2 writers have the same idea……..I find it one HELL of a coincidence that these 2 writers had the exact same thought as our conversation……about an issue that wasn’t even topical at the time.

wow what a coincidence……..

I believe I need some legal advice because something tells me this ‘coincidence’ is fucking with my intellectual property!

But besides that……City Press you are losing credibility. Your ethics need to be addressed. If you need to steal ideas off the internet….then something is not working. You are hiring the wrong writers.

If this is the case, I suggest you stop stealing my work and just buy my articles!





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