#BringBackOurGirls……….or get me on the news!

#BringBackOurGirls……….or get me on the news!


In a village in Nigeria, over a month ago, close to 300 girls were abducted from their school.

Teenage girls were taken away from their mothers at a critical stage in their lives. As they enter womanhood they are now confronted with EVERY woman’s worst nightmare……being abducted and raped.


Can you imagine being 16yrs old, an army of ARMED rebels coming into your school and loading you onto trucks…can you imagine the paralysing terror?

Can you imagine getting a message, while at home cooking, that your daughter has been taken by men with guns…..the same men with guns who have been killing and terrorising your villagers for years?

The men you have come to learn as your enemy.

Can you imagine getting the message that your sweet, little girl has been taken by the enemy?

Imagine having to go without the sound of your child’s laughter in the house.


With death there is closure and a ritual to start the healing process…….when your child has been abducted how do you even sleep at night?


Imagine if your favourite niece was taken from you, your favourite sibling, your favourite friend….

The people of Chibok have suffered an immense tragedy.

The kind of pain that village is going through is not a pain that we were created for.

It’s inhuman.

It’s barbaric that we have come to a time where children are used as bargaining tools in WAR.


Which is why, I was baffled me when I saw the #BringBackOurGirl Campaign being used as a vehicle for people to profile themselves; get interviews and some kind of professional leverage from this tragedy.


When fellow African women and I organised that initial march (Thurs 8 May) to the Nigerian Embassy, it was to raise awareness to the situation in Nigeria. We had noticed that the media was not reporting about it.

As a result of our march local and international media started reporting on what was happening in Nigeria and started making a noise about it, and the situation began to implode.

The Nigerian President, now has to face this issue that he had intended to ignore. With the whole world watching him……the focus is on bringing back our girls.



My heart gets sore when I see celebrities and politicians try to use this tragedy to push their own agendas. I feel like hitting them with a pillow and saying ‘This is NOT about YOU right now.’

Suddenly human nature/ego can see that ‘hey, I can get on tv if I talk about this issue.’

I have watched the #BringBackOurGirls campaign turn into a PR campaign.


People just want to be on tv and to see their names in the papers and take credit for a situation that has not even been resolved yet.


The media is up to date now……why is it that all these press releases are going out?

What is the way forward?

Are these people and groups in touch with Boko Haram and do they have immediate access to the solution?

Or is that press release just to keep you relevant?

Even worse, are the ones who weren’t really interested in the cause and the march to the embassy; but now that they have seen the reaction (platform)….have got their own #BringBackOurGirls initiatives.

It’s a pity it takes media attention to turn people humanitarian.


What is this #BringBackOurGirls Campaign REALLY about?

…because it doesn’t seem to be about little girls, being raped in Nigeria.