White People Eyes…….

The worst injustice that colonisation did to us African people is not the blood spilt by our brothers and sisters, it is not the loss of our land.

The greatest injustice colonisation did to us, was the corrupting of our minds and teaching us to see ourselves through ‘white people’ eyes.


We have allowed our white master to conquer us…

for we are now a replica of him.


What used to be a powerful and proud nation,

which took pride in itself centuries ago,

has been reduced to a self loathing and imitating nation.

We have become a nation without an identity.


They taught us to see ourselves as poverty stricken.

They found us living on hills and valleys with lots of open space.

You must remember that they left Europe looking for more land.

So when they saw us living on abundant land,

it was an enviable position.

They wanted what we had.


They killed our nation for this land, and that’s when they started the international brainwash that Africans were poor…Africans needed aid.


African people have a symbiotic relationship with the land and animals. We were never poor. Our relationship with nature fed us. We had cattle. Our children had manners and they never went to bed hungry.


If anything, the white colonist is the one that brought poverty to Africa. The white colonist built these slums called cities that killed the spirits of our people and corrupted their minds.

Poverty and poor thinking came with those who call us poor, poverty stricken and in need of aid.


They taught us their way is better….their way is what has brought us to the current state. The current situation, where people, don’t have land…Where only a few elite, have access to wealth.

This is a system that came with foreigners.


In our times, when we governed ourselves, we lived on a system of sharing.

While they taught us how to sit at the table, and eat with a knife and fork, we abandoned the practise of our children eating communally out of one dish.

 A practice, in our culture, designed to teach children to share; so that they could grow up and be adults that care.

The concept of My plate, My food, My house, My, My, Mine is not a language we knew. In our culture selfish tendencies were frowned upon.


However we have learnt to see ourselves through white people eyes and frown down upon our own traditions. We label them backwards and outdated. And indirectly we make them inferior to the ways of the white.


Everything that they shunned about us, we have learnt to shun. We have learnt to hate our traditions and culture. We have learned to view the African things we do with contempt and disgust.

We are embarrassed of amaSiko ethu and feel much more comfortable in spiritual beliefs and practises that we were taught by them. We no longer trust izinyanya zethu because they too are outdated, dirty or witchcraft.

We have learnt to see ourselves through white people eyes.


We walk like them, talk like them and even think like them. We have learnt to place animals over human value. We are quick to save Rhinos and feel sorry for slaughtered sheep than we are to feel bad about girls being abducted in Nigeria, about miners losing lives. We don’t care about black people anymore. We don’t care about ourselves anymore because through white people eyes we are slaves with no value.


I keep asking myself….why have we placed so much value on White People Eyes again?


3 thoughts on “White People Eyes…….

  1. Veri true Mamia,we abondant the spirit of sharing nd developd a white tendency,where is our culture indeed?Our tradition?I realy missing those days we used to eat frm same dish,nthn such like MY FOOD,MY…,MY..,MY…lets go back to our roots

  2. I wish many people will read this and understand where we coming from. Our african cultures our pride. I like your job Ntsiki and the pride u have for our tradition.

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