Welkom Racist

On Sat 21 July 2013 I had a gig in Welkom in the Free State.

After my set that night, I drove back to my accommodation, Constatiakloof Guesthouse on Flamingo road.

I had Checked-In earlier at around 6pm so I knew how to get myself from the gig, back to where I was staying.

The event organiser had paid my bill when I checked in.


On the morning of Sunday 22 July at about 6:50, 2 staff members at Constantiakloof guesthouse watched me pack my bags in my car, as they sat in the sun. I was still in my pyjamas and gumboots and I had chosen to leave immediately after I woke.


As I was driving out, a 4X4 blocked my way in the entrance and out came a big Afrikaans man charging at me, hurling insults.

He was shouting, ‘You have come to do business on my property! You are seeing your clients on my property!’

As you can imagine, these allegations came as a bit of a shock initially…..but within a few minutes, I was mad as hell. as it registered in my head what this man was saying to me.

At this stage he was right up against my window and hurling insults and threatening to call the police. I told him to. please do call the police as I too felt that I was being verbally assaulted and needed back up.


His car was still blocking my way so my only option was to reverse and go with him to reception. As I get out my car, i am screaming at him, “How DARE YOU call me a prostitute?” Then he keeps saying, ‘Are you trying to be clever?’ and every time he said this, he would walk to his car and reach into the window.

At this stage I realised that this man could be dangerous.

He then asked me what business I do. I said I am in the business of making money. I find it EXTREMELY rude to be questioned about the nature of my job by some strange man I don’t know.

He then asked me, ‘Are you a call girl?’

At which point I lost it again, screaming and demanding to know

‘When you look at me, do you see a slut?’

‘When you see an African woman driving in her car and sleeping in a lodge, the only way that’s possible is if she is sleeping with men?’


It was my intention to smash everything in that reception……break everything in sight like a crazy black woman…..but I didn’t Mr Le Roux.


I then called the police and screamed at them for taking so long while this man violated me. It was in that irritation that I stormed out the reception got into my car and left.


I immediately started to find out ways in which I could deal with this case. I imagine many ordinary citizens experience this kind of treatment in the Free State. I wanted to see that I live in a country where ‘there is somewhere to go,’ when your rights have been violated in this manner.


By that evening, 22July, I had already sent an online complaint to the South African Human Rights Commission.

I also went on twitter to ask them the process and they said they would be in touch.

Indeed they were in touch, by Monday 23 July they had acknowledged receiving my complaint.


The Human Rights Commission was helpful till that point.

What followed was a long tedious process at intervals that could take up to months. The commission eventually got a response from Mr Le Roux in January this year- a clear indication that there has never been any real sense of urgency in the case.

In the letter, written in Afrikaan, Mr Le Roux admits that he ‘just asked me if i am a callgirl.’


I just want to know, in the Afrikaans Culture……..is that even an appropriate question? In my culture, that’s quite a barbaric question to ask. It is ill mannered, offensive and shows lack of respect. It is not a question you go about throwing around.


So maybe a time has come where compulsory programs are put in place to teach grown Afrikaans men that not all black women are whores, slut and callgirls…….



Racism is not welcome in south Africa and a time has come for us to engage the root cause. Clearly racists are not even aware that they are being racist.


The Human Rights Commission initially claimed, that I don’t have a case…….

If I don’t have a case……

Black woman you have no voice.


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