White People, I’m sorry

Dear White people I am sorry…….

I am sorry that you could not find it within yourselves to self reflect after my last letter. (Dear White South Africans, 24 Sept).

I am sorry that instead of taking this as a moment to heal and look within yourselves you behaved like a spoilt brat throwing a tantrum.

I am sorry that although that letter reached over a quarter of a million people…..it did nothing in helping us all heal the white supremacy bug.

Do you know that drunken uncle who cries that nobody loves him every time people bring up his alcohol addiction? Many of you played that out.

Thank Qamata, not all of you are blinded by your own sickness but sadly many of you are.

Shame, you went as far as to block my facebook account. Is it so hard for you to deal with the truth that you will play childish games to ensure that the truth is left unspoken?

This process has been especially hard for the white male. How dare I, a black woman, speak to you like that…….that’s what you are actually pissed off about right?

You are mad that the maid has a voice and not only that….but the maid is making more intellectual sense than you are.

MANY of you wrote me open letters in response. In all honesty, I would have preferred it if you had taken the moment to sit around the dinner table and discuss some of the issues I raised…..like when you’re going to get a tutor so that you at least TRY to be part of the indigenous people of this land.

Many of the responses I got were crude, uncultured and unproductive. You were more concerned about insulting me and my level of education, than you were in addressing the issues I raised. The level of arrogance mixed with ignorance in the responses was unbelievable……and unbelievably NORMAL.

There is a man who even ended up on SAFM with me who said when white people came here…the land was empty. Lol! Do you not realise that you need to be re-educated?

I do want to congratulate you on one thing though….you have succeeded in creating a breed of black people who will protect you at any cost just to ease their black inferiority complex.

Thing is, you did a stellar job at making black people hate being black……you did an even better job in making sure that when the race issue is raised….you have a black line of defence.

This thing called the ‘Race Card’ is an excellent weapon to silence black voices that are asking relevant questions.

I also noticed that white media created platforms for all the responses, Sunday Independent even published a response from Max Du Prez……lol! It’s actually quite funny when a whole newspaper publishes a response to a letter that they never published.

Thank you for teaching me who owns the media. Now at least, we as the black people know that we need to create media platforms that will also push our agendas.

What is evident to me, now more than ever, is that there is a White Supremacy Complex and Black Inferiority Complex, which needs to be addressed.

I am sorry that you have to use all you media platforms to dumb down my message.

I am sorry that you are not willing to humble yourselves and learn from the indigenous people of this land.

I am sorry that you think you are so perfect, that nobody can tell you anything.

Most of all I’m sorry that you have a superiority complex. If you have to go around, imposing your superiority, it means there is some level of feelings of inadequacy.

The truth is, secure people don’t get defensive when some of their destructive behaviours are brought to the table. Somebody secure would either brush it off of see what they can take from the situation.

Judging from the reaction……I am sorry you are feeling insecure.

I’m sorry that the only image of democracy, is one where everybody behave white and doesn’t celebrate their own selves.

It would be nice if the South African identity was an organic experience which included everybody.

I see you all ganging up on me, it’s ok….I can take it……but I think you would be making a huge mistake if you think these feelings are mine alone.

In that letter…..when I spoke…..I spoke for a PEOPLE.

I’m sorry you missed the point….


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