NEWS24 a home for racists

News 24 is a racist media house which we need to call to order. It is the last media stronghold of white supremacy and the racism on that site is unacceptable.


I used to follow News24 until I realised that they do not publish positive stories about black people in South Africa. But what is even worse is that they provide a platform for bitter racists to have a voice. Through News24 I have learnt that there is a huge section of white south Africa who are yearning to oppress black people. There is a huge section of white south Africa that misses apartheid. There is a huge section of white South African who are brazenly arrogant, bitter and too broke to move to Australia.

This section of white south Africa has a platform on News24. News24 is the voice, face and vehicle for white supremacy in South Africa.


Besides, the openly racist comments that News24 allows on its site, it is generally not of the habit of reporting on black people in a positive light. They love the rape, murder and crime stories affecting black people…but the reason white people don’t know who the black celebrities are is because they are ignorant on such matters. News 24 has a problem with black people. News24 cannot report on black power because it would rather focus on black destruction.


The white people associated with News24 love seeing the breakdown of the black fabric. They were the first to report on “Dear ANC” because they love black on black attacks. They published that letter because I made them proud when I attacked the ANC, akere they are dying to have DA back in power- which by the way will never happen.

White people must just accept that they will never ever rule over black people again. No matter how hard they try to discredit the black government.


I then published an article called ‘Dear White South Africans’ where I address the white supremacy issue. News24 did not publish that letter. They could not afford to embarrass the whites. Instead they published a response to the letter by one of the ‘top whites.’

Imagine, they don’t publish the letter but they feel they need to provide a platform for the white person who responds. Again News 24 is a racist institute which is pushing the white agenda and provides a home for all racists.


It is a fact that whoever controls the media, controls the consciousness of the masses. The messages in the media can be manipulated to suit whatever agenda is being pushed. This is why it is so unfortunate that we do not have a media house that is black owned, powerful and black conscious. Black stories are being told by white people. I hate to be blunt but, white people don’t even know us, so how can they be the ones making opinions on us? This situation is absurd.


I am dying to know who the racists who run News24 are, and the BEE faces that have sold us out and allowed white people a platform where they can be openly crude, malicious, ignorant and annoying all rolled up into one.


News24 is not a news channel, it is a disease that white people are exposed to.

News 24 is a virus contaminating our society.


Mr Minister

Mr minister….sir….as a local artist, your obsession with Beyonce is killing me.


I saw your tweet to Beyonce Mr Minister and I saw red.

Before you are Beyonce’s groupie, you are an ambassador of South Africa. You are a leader. You are a person of influence. Please could you exercise this with some responsibility?


A few years ago you wanted to spend millions of public funds (not even your own money) to bring Beyonce to south Africa, the masses protested and said ‘oh hell no!!! Not with our artists!’

It has become apparent to me that you may not have grasped WHY the masses said ‘NO!’


Mr Minister the masses said NO because unlike you, they do not put Americans before their own. They realise that SA is a family and blood is thicker than water. How in the hell are you going to feed children from outside when your own children are dying hungry? What kind of minister are you kanti? The minister of Beyonce?


It sickens me that you are willing to pay 100s of thousands to American artists who already have an established industry and are basically leeching off other countries owing to greed…..while you can’t pay our artist even 50 000. You are big balling with our public funds to feed other nations. I mean really now…..wake up!


I saw you at the Channel O award dressed like a young rapper who rolls with lil weezy….I was so disappointed. Mr Minister, are you so ashamed of being African that you must put on costumes to impress us?

I just want to let you know that it is ok if you behave your age, people will still like you. You don’t have to dress like an American to fit in.


Your attitude towards local artists concerns me Mr Minister.

It concerns me that you are teaching the people you lead, to idolise Americans, when our country has such rich talent.


Beyonce will not respond to your tweet Mr Minister, in fact there is probably a team of various people running that account (if you know how these things work.)

Also Mr Minister….just because Beyonce has white capital backing her does not make her more talented than any of our own.


You see, when you pay me 20 000 for a gig, you are only cover 2 months rentnyana…..when you pay Beyonce that million, you ensure that she has money to create a better ‘looking’ show.

More lights, more makeup, more drama, more dancers, more grooming. All of that costs money. You have not invested enough in us for us to be able to pull off all the stops.


If you invested that much money into our own industry, we would be churning out beyonces every week. We Africans are not short of creative talent……it’s the drama and pr we cannot afford.


Mr Minister, you are a national leader. When you use your platforms to encourage and celebrate local talent the people will follow. Your obsession with Beyonce is crippling our industry because 1stly you are making the youth believe that Americans are better than us, 2ndly because you are taking our money and giving it away.


Whichever way you look at it Mr Minister, your groupie behaviour is killing us.


We can’t have a leader of a WHOLE country grovelling at an American singer….hayi!

We want to feel dignified. When Beyonce ignores your tweet, she is ignoring all of us….so why are you exposing that to us?


I’m not sure why a grown man is playing out his fantasy on a celebrity so publicly but uBeyonce akanaxesha lakho tata and if she does its ONLY because you are paying her. Lol*_*


Mr Minister your obsession with Beyonce is yours……please could it not affect our artists.


Kind regards

The girl you only know as someone’s sister (….and I pardon your ignorance)


Sisters, put on your big girl panties, I’m about to engage the weave debate.


You must understand that for as long as the black girl feels they need a helmet on their head 24/7…….we have a problem. The question is WHAT are we hiding and WHY?


I have been engaging this issue for many years. Some people ‘Get It’ while others feel I should ‘Get over It.’

Let’s go through some of the reasons I think the weave is a dis-ease and a diss to the black girl.




Imitation gives power to the person you are emulating. When a person imitates me, I know they want to be like me.

Black girl, our hair is not naturally long and flowing. Accept it. Embrace it. Flaunt it.

Nobody in the world has hair like yours. Most of the other races have similar hair.

Our hair is unique. It stands out.

If you had to have a row of women of different races….the black girl’s hair would stand out the most.


Now why in the world would you give such power away? Why would you CHOOSE to look like other races, when you have such distinctive hair? Why would you not question WHY you hate what you look like?




We come from a history where being black was the worst thing to be born. White people came to our land and gave us all these ugly labels. Labels we have internalised. Labels like kaffirhare. Kaffirhare which is ugly, dirty and difficult to maintain. Not only did they give us ugly names for our hair but they then offered better jobs to blacks with straightened hair (like them). They groomed us into ‘ladies and gentlemen.’


If you looked and behaved white, it made you a ‘better black.’

Suddenly straight hair was associated with sophistication. The less black you looked the better your chances were economically. This is why coloureds would rather be white than black, because some of their hair texture gave them privileges.


From a deep psychological place, black people knew that they had to erase their blackness in order to get jobs and survive. This type of thinking has filtered down the generations. Our mothers and grandmothers would relax our hair in an effort to make us ‘job worthy’ and beautiful like white people. This happened so much, we even stopped thinking about it. We are just robots who go and put chemicals in our hair every month……unlike women of other races.




The percentage of black women who weave their hair is SIGNIFICANTLY higher than of women of other races. In fact, women of other races that put on weaves and lots of makeup are generally regarded as bimbos, because of their choice to be ‘fake.’ However in the black community, the majority of girls wear weaves. What does that say?


What makes matters worse is that when women of other races put weaves in their hair….you can’t tell because the weave looks like their natural hair.

That awkward moment when you wear fake hair black girl. That very awkward moment when you wear fake hair which doesn’t even look like yours. Oh nkosi!


It’s like someone putting a pair of jeans on their head and trying to convince you that it’s real.


Unless you have other blood, it is IMPOSSIBLE for black girls to have hair like Indians. Please accept this black girl? Your hair will NEVER be like Yasmin and Samantha’s- no matter how hard you try. You are trying too hard to have something that you will NEVER naturally have. Let it go. That is not your hair.




India Arie really messed us up with this one. Actually scientifically speaking, you are your hair. Doctors could take one strand of your hair and clone a whole other you. You are most certainly your hair. Your hair contains your DNA.

Nobody in the whole wide world has hair like yours.


Even if we all went natural and cut our hair the same length…..none of our hair would look the same. So when you say, ‘I weave for variety.’ You are lying. Weaves look the same that is not variety. And if you mean variety on your head, I’d like to remind you that of all the races, black people have the most versatile hair.


Even the black girls who have ditched the weave and tried natural, always go back to weave because we are held emotionally hostage by what other people do. So if the other black girls are keeping their weaves….the ones who tried natural go back to the weave because everybody is doing it and it’s called ‘beauty.’


Black men also seem to like weaves when they are rich and successful. To get a successful man, you must look a certain way….and that is usually the weave look. This also suggests that black men aspire to date women with long flowy hair…….ie not black women




If you run away from who you are….what is that saying about you? Who does that make you? If you are willing to pay over R5000 a month just not to look like yourself…..what is that saying? How are you going to be paying close to a hundred thousand a year just because you hate your hair? How does that sound healthy?

You invest so much money to hide your blackness and then tell me you don’t have a self worth issue? Come on now? Really?


Your money grows better when invested wisely. With all due respect….this is a foolish investment. It has no returns.




The only thing weaves return is a loss of hairline. After spending a million Rands on your hair, 10years later you are met with a ‘stadium.’


That’s where the real mindf* is for me… spend all this money on this weave to hide your real hair and then in the end you have no hair. Wow ladies. Wow. What a deal to make with the devil.

The devil makes you feel ugly about yourself then turns around and makes you ugly. The ugly truth is that women who wore weaves yesterday….don’t have hair today. And those weaves today hide a lot.


Black woman you are self destructing. You are destroying your own hair. You are hiding your own beauty.

You have lost the courage to be free and be yourself. When you look in the mirror at your natural state you do not feel beautiful…..THAT is the issue we have to address.

WHY do black women feel ugly/dirty in their natural hair?




No sane person would CHOOSE to spend thousands of rand to burn their scalp and lose their hairline, unless some deep emotion was driving that action.


So, No, it is not JUST hair…….your spirit is carrying a lot of baggage.