NEWS24 a home for racists

News 24 is a racist media house which we need to call to order. It is the last media stronghold of white supremacy and the racism on that site is unacceptable.


I used to follow News24 until I realised that they do not publish positive stories about black people in South Africa. But what is even worse is that they provide a platform for bitter racists to have a voice. Through News24 I have learnt that there is a huge section of white south Africa who are yearning to oppress black people. There is a huge section of white south Africa that misses apartheid. There is a huge section of white South African who are brazenly arrogant, bitter and too broke to move to Australia.

This section of white south Africa has a platform on News24. News24 is the voice, face and vehicle for white supremacy in South Africa.


Besides, the openly racist comments that News24 allows on its site, it is generally not of the habit of reporting on black people in a positive light. They love the rape, murder and crime stories affecting black people…but the reason white people don’t know who the black celebrities are is because they are ignorant on such matters. News 24 has a problem with black people. News24 cannot report on black power because it would rather focus on black destruction.


The white people associated with News24 love seeing the breakdown of the black fabric. They were the first to report on “Dear ANC” because they love black on black attacks. They published that letter because I made them proud when I attacked the ANC, akere they are dying to have DA back in power- which by the way will never happen.

White people must just accept that they will never ever rule over black people again. No matter how hard they try to discredit the black government.


I then published an article called ‘Dear White South Africans’ where I address the white supremacy issue. News24 did not publish that letter. They could not afford to embarrass the whites. Instead they published a response to the letter by one of the ‘top whites.’

Imagine, they don’t publish the letter but they feel they need to provide a platform for the white person who responds. Again News 24 is a racist institute which is pushing the white agenda and provides a home for all racists.


It is a fact that whoever controls the media, controls the consciousness of the masses. The messages in the media can be manipulated to suit whatever agenda is being pushed. This is why it is so unfortunate that we do not have a media house that is black owned, powerful and black conscious. Black stories are being told by white people. I hate to be blunt but, white people don’t even know us, so how can they be the ones making opinions on us? This situation is absurd.


I am dying to know who the racists who run News24 are, and the BEE faces that have sold us out and allowed white people a platform where they can be openly crude, malicious, ignorant and annoying all rolled up into one.


News24 is not a news channel, it is a disease that white people are exposed to.

News 24 is a virus contaminating our society.


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