Journalists vs Artists

I am just trying to understand why our local journalists think that their success will be brought by them pulling our artists down.

What used to be the dignified art of journalism has turned into an open platform for personal and baseless attacks on our local stars.

Our journalists have moved from telling our stories to using the media to indulge their bitterness and agendas.

As a local artist, I don’t mind if you don’t like me and my work…..but please be accurate when reporting the story?

Today I saw a headline about me being drunk at a chesanyama and allegedly trying to revive my career.

Firstly, yes I was at lichaba chesanyama and I had a damn good time!

I love beautiful people, good music and outdoors parties so indeed this was a match made in heaven for me!

I was there from 5pm till 10pm and in that time period I had TWO Smirnoff guaranas, so basically the only thing I was drunk off was my own excitement.

2ndly, when the dj played my classic song ‘uRongo,’ yes I asked for the microphone (which was handed to me NICELY) and I climbed on top of the speakers and performed MY SONG! Lol! It is MY song remember? So I will do with it as I please.’

As for ‘singing out of tune’- most of my fans know me as a lyricist and floecist…..that falls under rap. Do the other rappers ‘sing’ off tune too? Please mani, when you report about me at least have the decency to know the background of my craft? Poets fall under Hip Hop. We are not necessarily singers.

Get your facts in order.

I am an artist, my spirits come to me when I am excited and if I need to share that energy….I will.

Funny thing is that I told a friend MUCH earlier in the evening that if the dj hit me right, I would take the mic!

So that was not a drunken moment miss, sir, shim or whoever you are. That was just a happy artist who did what they love to do!

I noticed you didn’t mention that people came to the dance floor and were flowing along….lol!

I also noticed that you were just an echo of what our meanister said about me…but that’s none of my business.

I encourage tabloid journos to come to my shows this year. I am one of the artists that has been in the forefront of turning chesa nyamas into performance platforms for artists….I have been on the ground for a while now. What happened yesterday was nothing out of the ordinary…..for the ordinary Ntsiki Mazwai fan.

So what you label a ‘revival’ is you catching my trend just a little bit late.

Thank you for putting the spotlight on me though….because now people are asking questions and I’m finally being forced out the shadows to talk about the wonderful work I have done for my country.

I guess every dark cloud has it’s silver lining.


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