Kaizer Chiefs and Domestic violence?

It was with shock, dismay and sadness that I learnt that Kaizer Chiefs let George Lebese play last night….after he was arrested and released on bail for domestic violence barely a week ago. What are we teaching our young boys? That beating up their women is something they will not be held accountable for?

I don’t follow soccer, but from now on, i am likely to believe that Kaizer Chiefs is THAT soccer team which condones domestic violence.

Domestic violence is a HUGE issue affecting this country. Although it is an issue which is often swept under the carpet, it is an issue that adds to the brokenness of the fabric of our society. Looking at our statistics, domestic violence IS an issue in this country.

On no level will it ever be ok for men to use violence against women. Violence is a sickness which cannot be tolerated in our society. Violence is something we should make clear to ALL members of society is UNACCEPTABLE. Our community SHOULD look down on violence. We are not a violent people and we do not cheer on violent persns.

Yes, George Lebese is innocent until proven guilty. However, until his case has been heard, he should not be representing such a big and celebrated team in our country.

Kaizer Chiefs is arguably the biggest soccer team in this country. It is a team we respect and hold highly. It is a team where we expect to see our boys being ‘Glory boys’ and being ‘amakhosi.’j

Kings do not beat up their women.

It gives me mixed signals when a team I respect is being represented by someone who beats up women. What message does it give to young boys? That it is ok to beat up your woman and go ahead with business as usual, and get applauded?

Those are not the kind of men this nation should be breeding.

This is not the kind of image which ‘suits’ a brand like Kaizer Chiefs.  Kaizer Chiefs is a big deal to south Africans, Kaizer Chiefs must take some responsibility.

Where do we draw the line as society? Is the need to win a league more important? Are we going to ignore an injustice to society for a soccer game?

Why is it that this country speaks “Non Violence against women” but turns around and applauds it?

George Lebese is clearly a talented young man who is loved and supported by many….however if George has to go through some kind of ‘lesson journey,’ then he should. We shouldn’t pretend and turn a blind eye to some kind of injustice that CLEARLY happened? (There is even a damaged car…ie evidence)

It was too soon for George Lebese to be out on the field last night……It was provocative and scary to realise that in South Africa it is considered ok to beat up your woman.

It makes it scary for women to want to be with a South African man.