Media Lies

The media is dumbing us down and making us hail the wrong ‘celebrities.’

African people have this unnerving quality of thinking what white people say, is the gospel truth. If a white person says something… renders it a fact. A lot of these ‘facts’ are now keeping our local entertainment industry in a cycle of mediocrity which does not feed nor inspire our society.

Ideally, the appropriate people/voices should be occupying the appropriate spaces in the media. We should be using our tv, radio and print in a manner that can educate and empower Africans.

I don’t know if anybody has noticed but there are no conscious voices being given Prime Time slots.

Whoever owns the media knows that, giving the right platforms to the right people will only empower African people….the media cannot afford to empower African people because it feeds off our weakness.

This white owned media has chosen for us who our heroes are. Quite conveniently, the heroes it has chosen are not political, black conscious or necessarily smart.

The heroes they have chosen are ‘bodies’ which have been adorned in ‘glitz and glam’ to create the illusion that they are ‘different’ to the rest of us.

These ‘bodies’ they choose do not have voices to speak out against any injustice because ‘they have bills to pay.’

These bodies they have chosen are faces they have repeatedly splashed across media platforms. So much so that we have gotten used to these faces. However these faces don’t necessarily own THEMSELVES, or the product.

Every good marketer know that repetition works….but hey, let’s call it ‘success.’

We have music competitions on tv where none of the judges have excelled in the field of music.

The white owned media will just host auditions and choose the black the sucks up the best; or the one they think will bring audience ratings.

As a result, most of these show lack credibility and very few of the winners are really taken seriously enough to flourish independently in the music industry.

The tv show puts up a lot of capital behind the winner for a year and gives off the ‘shiny’ impression that this is a ‘star.’

The tv show then makes use of all the other media platforms (since the media is owned by the same people.)

The illusion of ‘success’ is thus created by the media.

When the year is over, they move onto the next idol and the previous winner falls off the music industry.

These music shows are not about longevity and the craft….they are about hype and a making a quick buck.

The thing about white capital is that it can take a rural girl/boy and turn her into whatever they want….as long as that body plays nice.

White media loves an African who keeps quiet when other Africans are mocked. White media loves an African that makes up an identity which emulates whiteness. White media loves the smiling African who is always ready to please.

The reality of the situation is that, if we have bimbos (males included) hosting talk shows…it means bimbos are shaping the intellectual thought process of our whole nation.

If we have ‘celebrity faces’ as dj personalities we are dumbing down our every day conversations. There are many voices in our society who have something to say, conversations which will build us as a people. If we do not use these platforms wisely, they can work against us.

If people who are not musically gifted are judging music talent shows, then there is an insincere conflict staring us in the face.

We as Africans know ourselves and we know amongst ourselves who is good at what……why are we listening to euro-Africans to tell us who our ‘IT’ boys and girls are? We cannot trust Drum, Move and Truelove covers to tell us who our heroes are. They are all run by the same people and are part of the agenda to promote these ‘bodies with no voices.’

My biggest concern is that none of these IT boys and girls ever have brain cells. Here we are saying to the African child…..’Be Ignorant.’

We are not America. We do not have to follow their model. In Africa, music and oral tradition is our way of educating ourselves and passing on information.

What is separating us from our own greatness is not creating our own media platforms where we can choose our own heroes……coz these magazines, radios and tvs are selling us manga  manga business!


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