Apartheid Must Fall

When do we start to break down the apartheid system?

Currently, the slave has filled the master’s chair.

The apartheid system dehumanised us. It was a system designed specifically to empower white capital while using cheap black labour.


The apartheid system was a slave system designed to control the consciousness of the people. When the National Party was in power, they created an economic and social system designed to break down the African mind. They sat down and devised a plan on how to exploit our psychology and social systems to empower themselves. Then they implemented that plan.


Apartheid is one of the most dangerous and brutal machines history has ever witnessed. The apartheid machine was put into effect by the white government in South Africa. They said the machine was so effective that one day black people would run it themselves.

That day has come.


94 did nothing for us Africans. All that happened is that a few slaves got invited to eat at the master’s table. Those slaves, adorned in the master’s clothes and speaking in the master’s tongue have eagerly assumed their places at the table.


The apartheid system has not been dismantled, it just changed faces. It put on a new image but it is still the very same system which aims to break down the African mind.


Apartheid created Bantu education. What exactly has changed? 33% as a pass mark is something to be ashamed of.

If you know that you have inherited an education system which is sub standard, why would you keep it? No child in Europe is expected to know the history of the Swazi Monarchy, so why exactly are our children being taught stories which are not their own? In tongues which are not their mother’s.


The current government can introduce Mandrin into the school syllabus but can’t convert the school system to mother tongue learning?


Most countries use translators when they need to. There is no pressing reason why English should be the mainstream language in an African country. Sisono ngathi.


Apartheid created a system which distributes wealth unfairly. In all industries across South Africa, jobs that were reserved for white people got a grossly higher salary than Africans. These previously ‘whites only’ positions are now being filled by a FEW black people. The system of unfair wealth distribution has not been addressed. A very small percentage of black people are getting these positions, while the majority of Africans remain trapped in a system of poverty.


This same system continues to function, supported by the willing African.


When do we dismantle the religious and social mechanics which were created to break us down? If we know that that we have been programmed to fear white people, when do we start to reverse that?


The media in SA is run by Naspers, a company which was created by Hertzog in 1914. (Hertzog also founded NP) This same media machine that has carried so much apartheid propaganda and white supremacy ideology is the same one which is producing Drum, Move, Sunday World, Sowetan.

Basically, the same media machine which was created and used to dehumanise black people is the same machine being used today.

Nothing has changed.

It is still white people at the top advocating what they think black people should be reading. We are still being programmed with trash about ourselves. Our stories do not get told with dignity. What mainstream media reflects back to us as Africans, is that we are insecure dancing monkeys with make up on.


I need to know when we start dismantling this system and creating one that works for us. When do we gather our intellectual and pan African voices and create systems which will empower our people? We need systems which ensure that nobody sleeps hungry in a country which has mineral wealth. We need systems which breed African children who take pride in who they are. We need systems that don’t create slaves but rather support our creative nature as African.


We need a system that is the opposite of Apartheid.

Apartheid must fall.