To ALL the women in ANC

To ALL the women in the ANC….

Contrary to popular belief…NOW I am addressing you ALL.

I am not going to waste our time by defending my tweets.

I think those of us who have unpacked them know deep in their hearts that the attack was on the patriarchal system we are all being suppressed by.

You, however ladies, are in a position that can truly change things for us…for our whole generation and generations to come.

Women have been at the back end of things for hundreds of years politically, religiously, economically and in the home. You women are part of an evolving organisation which is leading South Africa at a very special time in our history.

If your voices are not heard then ALL the women’s voices in this country are not heard.

How was it ok with you that in the new structure of the ANCYL top five, women only have 20% representation?

Yes, I hear you, your NEC body has equal representation you say….but if that is the case, how come that is not reflected at the top?

Are you there just to make up the quotas and deputy positions….but when it comes to the top positions you are not eligible? Why are you ok with this?

When statistics are released, it is always said that there are more women than men. If that is the case, how come the majority of the country is being led by a minority? Why are men speaking on our behalf? Do we not have our own voices?

The brandishing of your underwear when you are toyi toying. What does that achieve accept lower the dignity of us women? We have also noticed that you are quite selective in which gender cases you choose take up. Not to mention the pictures of young women in ANC panties on social networks at official events.

What I think has not been left unsaid is… have not created a good image of yourselves. This is an unfortunate and brutal truth.

You are leaders there is a certain manner in which you must conduct yourselves. You are not in the entertainment industry.

This could all change if you took yourselves seriously and took your rightful places in the positions you SHOULD be occupying. We need to create a society where we will all have equal access to the same opportunities as men.

The ONLY reason we backstab and get jealous of each other is because we are fighting each other for crumbs.

I have just opened up an uncomfortable can of worms…why don’t you take the opportunity grab the platform you want.

A call from the people has come to you asking which women can take the lead and all you want to do is focus on HOW I put my message across?

Zimbokokdo…….make your move. Dismantle patriarchy and LEAD


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