Rainbow Nation Hobos

My people surprise me sometimes. Today we are upset about #IAmStellenbosch but yesterday we were fine with calling Heritage Day, ‘Braai Day.’


When you undermine your own story, you give permission to others to do the same.


Now that you have taught white people that you are okay with white supremacy…you have an issue with it? Oh.


The failure of African people to own and celebrate their identity is the direct cause of young Africans calling themselves ‘non whites.’ African people have not set their own standards of being African, and they play along with the white supremacist standard which has been normalised.


A hobo is a person who has nothing and dresses up in whatever clothes they get given. We have no land and we dress ourselves up in other people’s identities. We are Rainbow Nation Hobos.

We beg and grovel for our salvation. We wear other people’s clothes, not because we cannot afford our own…..but because we are ashamed of ourselves.


#IAmStellenbosch is what happens when you do not set your boundaries and your own standards.

If African children call themselves ‘non whites,’ it means being white is a standard for them. African children do not grow in the wilderness. They are socialised in our homes, schools and by our media. It means the African child has absolutely no idea what the struggle was fought for. It means that the African adult fought for the ‘struggle to be white!’


This is why black consciousness should be a subject in every grade. The African child and adult need re-education.

If South Africa has become a breeding ground for white supremacy campaigns, it means it is time for Africans to be vigilant about reclaiming our identity. It means that our people are lost, and our African intellectuals need to draw up maps, so our people can find their way.


Ma-Afrika when you were so casual ignoring ‘Heritage Day,’ the ONE day which encourages you to dig into the history of who you are, a lot of the white people celebrated. It works for white people when you do not celebrate your greatness because it shows them, that you do not know, your own strengths.

For as long as a people do not know their own strength, that people will remain defeated.

It goes without say that a people’s culture, creativity and way of life is that which makes them unique from another people.

If you are not celebrating your uniqueness then you have not begun living.


African people’s shame in their own African heritage is slowly but surely erasing the African narrative and black thought system. African people have a way of undermining themselves and thus teaching white people that they are superior.


Don’t be surprised when white people look down on you….when you have spent so much time looking up at them.


Who are YOU in relation to the person you see when you look in the mirror?

The only reason a child would not want to be of their own people….if their own people bring them shame.



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