To Comrade Mam Winnie Mandela…..

Mama, I write this letter as a ‘we’ for I recognise that I represent so many voices which have not been given a chance to express our hearts and views.


First of all mama, we apologise for all the times we believed white media when they trashed your name and legacy. We are the 80’s generation and by that time the white media machine was functioning at its optimum. With the state of emergency, media was vigilant in making you a villain. Even now, post the apartheid era, you have not been given your rightful place in media and in society.


They have used you as the scapegoat for the war.

Whichever way you look at it, when Stompie Seipei died, this country was at war. Many soldiers are lost in war. Many women, men and children are lost at war. This is why nobody wants war. It is a dark and ugly space for humanity.

We saw the TRC and we are STILL wondering why only you are being singled out?

In a room full of apartheid murderers who don’t even know the names of their MULTIPLE victims.

Only you are in the position to tell us what really happened. This story which has been written for you, about you has holes in it. We don’t understand why another man would go to prison and yet you continue to be crucified.


We are fortunate enough to have seen a short video clip of your wrath on soldiers and have heard stories of the community calling on you when the armies entered their home spaces. We have heard of you walking into war zones with no body guards and standing defiantly to protect us. These are not the stories we see in the media.


You were one of the greatest heroes of the struggle. Your sense of community and heart for people is an inspiring tale, and one that all our children should hear and know. Your valiant stride whenever you faced hardship has been inspiring to watch.

The sense of grace with which you spent a lifetime in forced silence, for things you left unsaid has been awe inspiring.

This country could have been greater President Mandela.


When white owned media puts your private affairs in the public, generally we don’t read those articles. It’s never been our business how you handle your personal affairs and it never will be.


We just want to say thank you mama for teaching us resilience, for showing us strength and for always being ready to fight for us. We, as a nation have always known that when ‘after school is after school…’ we call on Winnie Mandela.


Grandmother, Mother, Aunt, Sister of this nation, during the struggle…you were our number 1 ‘Guri Guri Girl!’ When it was time to go to war, men hid behind you.


That, is a sacrifice we will NEVER forget…..



Happy Birthday

With Love

The Youth (and the nation) of 2015


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