Being Broke

Being broke is not easy…but it certainly has a lot of lessons to teach one.



Being broke taught me that I am not my money.

My character and being is not defined by the things I can buy. Initially, this was very difficult to swallow. When one is used to paying one’s way for everything, it can be quite humbling, when one no longer can. I had to learn WHO I am with or without money.

I had to learn to rely on my humanity for everything. I couldn’t pay for things and make them go away.


Being broke taught me how to ask for help. Having money does not give you an opportunity to be vulnerable. Without money you physically feel weak and overwhelmed. I learnt how to put down my pride and ASK.

Life happens in cycles; being unable to ask for help when you need it, is self sabotage. You dig yourself deeper into the hole when you don’t ask for help. Feeling alone and helpless is more destructive than just asking for help. I learnt that asking for help increases trust in relationships.


Being broke taught me how to make use of my friend and family network. It taught me who was unwilling to see me suffer. I learnt that people felt good about being able to help. I learnt that getting help does not take anything away from the person, but can actually add. I learnt that the people we walk with, need to know that we are all human beings with problems. When I stopped being an angry superwoman…it made my friends relate to me. Stepping off my pedestal of perfection made my life much easier.


Being broke taught me how to speak honestly about money. It taught me how to confront money. Being broke taught me how to manipulate R200 into a week’s groceries. When money is constantly streaming in, one does not really focus on it much.

Being broke taught me that money is manifested by a certain energy one projects. Being broke taught me that, being broke is not only about the external environment, but it is also about your internal mind state. Depression does not attract wealth, it repels it.

The trickiest lesson I had to learn was keeping my thoughts in a state of wealth. When you see no money, it’s easy to panic and block your flow of income. I had to learn to see money even when there was no money…..and relax.


Being broke taught me that life goes on and something ALWAYS comes up. It taught me how to manifest my own solutions day by day. I learnt how to appreciate the real things in life, the sun, rains and relationships. Being broke showed me how ungrateful I had been for the air that I breathe and the opportunity to live in such wonderful times. I learn who I am and what I was born to do.


I saw that the impact I make on the world has nothing to do with my bank balance.


Being broke is not a friendly space…..but it will teach you life, like a TRUE friend would.



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