Dear Youth of 2015

It is with great pride and admiration that we watch you embark on the revolution. We are in awe, moved and overwhelmed by the spirit with which you have fought and created the #MustFall movement.

When you started with the statues earlier this year, many naysayers judged you. They called you many names as they defended white supremacy. However, you were not shaken, you were not deterred now you have turned your attention to school fees.

You are ABSOLUTELY right! Fees MUST fall! Were we not promised Free Education? The right to knowledge and information in a structured manner is a basic human right. Not only that, but corporate South Africa is making way too much money off you, not to be investing in you.

Corporate SA is making trillions in profits in SA. Openheimer and De Beers have more money than all the black people put together in south Africa. That is a problem.

South Africa generates more than enough money, for Free education to be sustainable. Why do we need a few people to be enriched, when the whole nation could be improved?

If the government claim they can’t pay for your education, why can’t they enforce rules of engagement for foreigners and corporates, like they did with BEE? We cannot have a situation where the Chinese, British, Americans are coming in here and making money, but are not leaving anything behind. The jobs they ‘create’ are not enough, there needs to be social investment too.

With the amount of money, foreigners are making out of South Africa, none of us should be paying for ANYTHING! We are currently feeding everybody but ourselves.

So thank you Class of 2015, for starting the correctives processes which South Africans has been yearning for.

We watched you re-name buildings Winnie Mandela House, Azania House and Solomon Mahlangu house and we had goosebumps. You are doing all the things we have been dying to do. You have shown more courage than us. The fact that it is women in the forefront….I have no words to describe the sense of pride.

Class of 2015 ningamaqhawekazi namaqhawe. Siyazidla ngani. Nisibonise ukuthi inene amandla ngawethu. Many of us talk….you acted.

Thank you for taking the revolution into your own hands. We thought the bornfrees were a dom Freeze….how wrong we were. You heard our silent crying. You were born standing upright and you are walking upright…..and you have recognised and seen through the bull shit. This is a watershed moment for our country. This is a point of no return. You have taken us onto the battlefield and we have no choice but to learn from you, and stand up straight!

Wow class of 2015, what an inspiration you have been. What a glorious moment in history you have given us. You have made us look good in the eyes of those who will read the Azanian Story in 500yrs time.

Keep going, Hold Strong….