ANC Futhi!!!!

We are sitting here watching you beat, teargas and arrest children…..we are thinking, you should be last people to be using apartheid tactics. How quickly you have forgotten oppression. How quickly you have forgotten 1976.

It is with deep shame that we see our own people killing their own…..just to protect white capital.

Let’s talk about 94 when you failed to recover what was taken from us. Instead, you sold our economy just so YOU could have political power. Let’s be honest, the political power belongs to you…and not to the people. Currently, you are doing as you please. You are certainly not doing the job we put you there to do. We put you in power, so you could govern the country and its resources in a way that would benefit us ALL. You are only benefitting yourselves.

We see you taking your children to go study abroad. Is that why #feesmustfall does not affect you? Since apartheid, we have never seen such a selfish and greedy bunch as you. Ningcolile mani.

Let me tell you why you are trying to kill the revolution.

We know you work hand in hand with white capital. We know that to get political freedom, you had to get in bed with the devil. But for the devil to own 70% of our economy is absolute rubbish! You fought and died for 30%? Are you serious?

Is this the 30% of wealth you are arresting children for…to hang onto measly crumbs?

When white capital started to see that #FeesMustFall was gaining momentum and had it’s fingers pointed towards it….it got nervous. They got so nervous that they called you in like naughty, little school kids. They reminded you that they are the majority shareholder of our country and you had to call order.

The circumstances are much like Marikana. The white people had a talking to with the African they made Head Nigga In Charge. Isn’t that why president Jacob Zuma was suddenly in the media talking about saving the rhino while HUMAN children were being teargassed and arrested? Uqale nini uBab’Zuma to care about the Rhino? A few years ago he said white people care more about their dogs than they do about black people. Funny… he is the one who cares about the rhino more that the student revolution threatening the future of our country?

Why are you not addressing the issue of school fees? Why does white capital not invest into the country they take from?  Did Baas come in the dark of the night and give you threats?

Is the only way, to talk to your people, to use violence?

Whose side is the ANC on, White people or South Africans???

The South African nation is losing patience with your lack of leadership. Your enemies are gaining momentum and your citizens are going hungry. Hunger leads to war and intolerance. You are going to need another loooong chat with white capital. You are going to have to decide to redistribute our economy or you must get ready for war.

This new generation is nothing like you, we will not wait to be given our power…..we will take it.


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