letter to the blackgirl….

Dear little sister, I write you this letter because you are a seed of the African community. How a seed is nourished will determine what fruit it bears. The environment is very important for a healthy tree to grow.


Blackgirl, your environment is not safe…it is an unhealthy environment to nourish your tree. You live in a world which does not put you on a pedestal. You have no Cinderella and Snow white stories to teach you that you’re a princess. The definition of a princess has been indoctrinated in you as a white girl with long hair.


Since you were young, you have been fed Snow white and Barbie as your standard of beauty….IT IS NOT!

We Africans look NOTHING like Europeans. We have our own standards of beauty. We have our own unique way that we were created.

It is a sign of dis-ease when we chase images that do not even resemble us. No amount of weaves or skin bleaching will turn you into a fairytale princess, so maybe it’s time to define what an African princess looks like. Not only define it, but ensure that, that image is all over our newspapers, tvs and magazine covers. Let’s create a more REALISTIC version of the black role model.


As things stand, your role models aspire to be white women….what kind of role modelling is that?  Underneath their weaves, your role models are balding. Your role models are hiding shame under those weaves. 1st they tried to hide the shame of having nappy hair, now they hide the shame of having no hair. Can you imagine what is happening to these women self esteems? If you need to put something on your head to feel beautiful- what happens when it’s not on your head?


Black sister, how do you feel when you idolise white beauty while they make a mockery of your beauty? You take their features and put them on you and call it beauty. They put on a curly wig, a big nose, draw thick lips and call it a clown. While you hail them, they laugh at you.

Do you see how unhealthy this environment is for your seed? The environment tells you that you are ugly and you feed into it and stop growing.


Black girl, the world has made you believe that looks are everything, they are not. External beauty, much like youth, fades with time. It is not something sustainable. If you are using your looks for financial gain…what are you going to do when fresh meat hits the market? These rich men you get taught to aim for, like pretty, young things. When you are no longer a pretty young thing, what are you going to do? Drop some nudes? Thing is, once you have made your hustle about looks, that is all it will ever be about. Once your looks fade, you will have nothing to stand on.


Little sister focus all your energy on finding your talents and skills….these will not only last forever but they will sustain you financially. You will not have to lower your dignity by having various ministers of finance. Famous gold diggers never mention the self respect they have had to sacrifice for these ministers. The most empowering thing for any living person, is the ability to make your own money. Nothing beats the feeling of having earned something with your own hard work. (and not lying on your back)

It’s one thing to consciously decide to be a sex worker, and another to be doing the same work while pretending you are not.

Do you have other talents besides using your vagina?


My little sister it’s rough out here, you better know your story.


Finally lil sister…..there is no need to rush into sex. Sex is a very complex issue and it’s wiser to give yourself time to grow into it. There is a natural reaction which happens in your 30’s where your horny levels will SKY ROCKET…..and by then you will have gained a bit of wisdom about the opposite sex. There is no rush lil sis……sex aint going nowhere and you have hands to masturbate. (the safest sex on earh.)


There is no need to suffer when you can get taught which roads to avoid.


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