POWER (lyrics)


(Lyrics: N. Mazwai; Music: GoldenBeats)


You think you got this

But I got my power


Coming over here

thinking ukuthi i’m that girl

who really doesn’t mind

about a man of your kind.

O nakgana ke mang?

Kanti wetsa jwang?

It’s blatantly obvious

wena you’re delirious

I don’t wait for you call

Don’t beg for your love

Baba hlala phantsi

lemme handle my own

You think i really need you?

I don’t mean to diss you

but before this present moment

I didn’t even know you

You think you’re a hot shot

I suspect you’re really not

Other fine brothers

are not…bus stops

My heart stops

Heart chokes

When I see a grown man

needing coochie validation

from the younger generation

and it’s not my obligation

to question situations

It’s just my observation

You need help

Is that why


it’s hard for you to get it up?

switch it up

stand up

Is that why you can’t stick with one?


Ha ke sa obatla

Im so over you


You think you got this

But I got my power


(I’m on top of my game baby!!!)

Bona baby ngwana

amaOutie ayangithanda

not your average lover

if you leave me



Play me like ibhola?

I’m not ebola

Wena uyadla

U breathe in

I breathe out

I step out

Till you step up!

Bona baby daddy

I aint no skroplap

So stop this


And show love!


Im so over you


You think you got this?

But I got my power!



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