Velaphi ngeRacism?

When cops arrive on a scene where there has been a physical assault, their first question is,

“Who threw the first punch?”

This is to establish who the guilty party was, and who was acting in self defence.

Usually, when a person is attacked they can choose to fight or flight….Velaphi Khumalo chose to fight.


Velaphi Khumalo threw a punch so hard it knocked white SA out……not only that, but for once white people knew what it felt like to be on the receiving end of racism.

For the past 500 years white people have dismissed our pain by telling us to forgive and forget…to move on. Well seemingly, they can’t do the same when it comes to the holocaust? White people need to understand that as deeply as Khumalo’s posts cut…is as deep as their own racism cuts.


Black people have never experience privilege and supremacy based on their skin colour, so the notion that blacks are racist is ridiculous. If anything, blacks are recovering from a low self image created by white people. Racism is when a race feels superior, and is antagonistic towards other races. This is not a disease black people suffer from.

We are an accepting, embracing and humble people. White people living and enjoying the fruits of this country know this VERY well. But this does not mean we are stupid. Never mistake our kindness and tolerance for stupidity. As white SA is quickly learning….the blacks actually do have opinions and words. And you just got served by Velaphi Khumalo.


White south Africa needs to call itself to order. Khumalo’s words were toxic yes, just as toxic as your systemised racism that we still have to deal with every day. What you felt with this one post is a general feeling you impose on Africans, on a regular basis.


Black south Africa also needs to start taking responsibility for enabling racism. Stop laughing with white people when they are being racist. Correct them. I see some people suddenly getting amnesia about Penny Sparrow’s comments which are a DIRECT catalyst to Velaphi’s Khumalo’s post…he even referenced the source of his anger. Get off your high horse and address the source of Khumalo’s pain….the same pain you are hiding.


What has become clear is that we need COMPULSORY workshops and sessions that deal with racism, happening right throughout our country. Community halls and centres need to be used to start educating the whole community about living with other people of different colours. South Africa has many people in it and a time has come for us to communicate our various cultures to each other. The misunderstandings are something that communication will help us with. These workshops MUST be COMPULSORY and something the state can regulate….no white arrogance shall interfere with this process.

Schools also have a responsibility to run race relation subjects so that we can stop racist white people from teaching racism in their homes.


Racism is a vicious cycle which must be stopped…..and so is white supremacy.


In our culture there is a saying……’Uzenzile akakhalelwa.’

Losely translated….You Do Not Cry Over Someone Who Has Brought ill To Themselves.


Remember when you were young and you would go tell your mom that usisi spanked you? Your mother would ask you ‘Wena wenzeni?’ And perhaps even give you another spanking so that you know not to do that again…..well… this was one of those situations.


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