It has come to my attention that the poor journalism in this country has led you to believe that I do not have a body of work. Lol.

I am going to write 4 blogs to breakdown my talents and their journey….the beadwork, the poetry, the music and the artist development/sessions.

I think what is most shocking about me is the fact that I am talented at more than one thing and as a result, I confuse people.


Let me start by saying that, not only am I a creative being but I also have an entrepreneurial mind….which explains why my work is constantly mutating.

Below are all the sessions I have created in an effort to develop local talent by providing a space where artists can work on their craft. My own journey came from an open mic Platform, MONDAY BLUES…and from there I vowed to always create a platform for other artists


  2. This was my first open mic session I co-produced with Masello Modjadji Motana and Nonkululeko Godana. It was 2002 and I was 22. Being young and naive, I promoted this gig in mainstream media with my home address….lol. Being in the underground, I knew some amazing but unknown artist and I wanted the world to see them. My ALUTA CONTINUA SESSION was celebrating a new artist who had just gotten to joburg, Simphiwe Dana…. Before the fame…
  3. Although MONDAY BLUES is not my brainchild….but I also hosted underground artists for over 10 years since 2003. I did this gig for free. Because I am committed to artist development. These were predominantly based in Yeoville and many of our soul stars come from this stage. To name a few, Simphiwe Dana, MXO, Sliq Angel and most of the poets in my generation. Monday Blues was a melting pot of authentic African artists. It cooked many of the stars you see today.
  4. In 2005/6 I created the SISTALUTION…..these were sessions that focused on female talent.

I did the SISTALUTION with Kwane Experience and later with Black Rose out in Cape Town. The Sistalution was a session for female rappers and poets.


  1. Created by the Polit Buro Collective, SHIELA’S DAY SESSSIONS were hosted at the House of Nsako in 2007/8. This was an open mic platform on a Thursdays. A session which paid tribute to our mothers who worked in white kitchens. Shiela’s Day is where THE SOIL got groomed. Before there was 3, they used to be a big crew. Many other poets also used the Shiela’s Day platform.
  2. STREETPOP SESSIONSMost sessions before Streetpop had never paid attention to having a professional stage. With the boys, STREETPPOP industries created a professional stage for underground artists in Soweto and around. These sessions gave a homebase to a host of rappers from Siya Shezi, Deep Soweto and hosts of SA rappers. We held annual festivals in December at Mofolo Park giving alternative live bands a festival of their own.
  3. Though the boys handled the production side of StreetPop Session out in Soweto every last Sunday of the month, I was the strong woman who was the face and host. Streetpop sessions created a culture of Live Music and Hip Hop in Soweto from 2007-2010.
  4. In my early years I also hosted sessions with the Native Hut Foundation…these sessions gave rise to prokid, pitch black afro, roots 2000 and many poets. These were held in Diepkloof under the banner ‘ BLACK SUNDAYS.’ This was not my brainchild but I am very much a part of that movement, headed by Hempza, which turned hip hop into a lifestyle.
  5. Around 2010 I had sessions called THE PLATFORM which I held out in Melville. Sfiso of the Muffinz….before the Muffinz used to come and play there.
  6. These didn’t last very long but they gave rise to the MAMA SAID SESSIONS. The MAMA SAID SESSIONS are where I had refined my skill at hosting and producing these soulful developmental sessions. The MAMA SAID SESSIONS speak for themselves and when you google them you will realise the kind of magic you are working. Some of the Mama Said artists are your future stars….like Nazflo.
  7. I am now in Grahamstown for the year….I have wasted no time with my dream of creating platforms which develop local talent. I now produce and host SOUL SESSIONS WITH NTSIKI MAZWAI. I hope to create a platform for more stars.


I did not just get the name StreetQueen for nothing…..I got it from being one of the builders of the afro soul community. One of the artists who did more than just get on stage to perform….I am one of the artists that made bridges for other artists. They may have been small bridges…..but they were bridges.

I had to write you my history, so you know the history of your own artists….lest they forget where they come from.


Now you have one piece of my puzzle.


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