Racism Blaming

I am getting increasingly frustrated at African people screaming racism, but not acknowledging how they enable it.

In the past few weeks we have been on a witch hunt calling out racists, however we have not even begun to self reflect about how we have behaved for this country, Azania, to be so rich with racists.


In my letter ‘Dear Black People’ the intention was to show how far away we have moved away from being our true selves.

We are everyday faking and emulating whiteness, and then we expect the same white people to respect us?



Tell me something?

Do you respect someone who acts like a groupie towards you?

Do you respect someone who is constantly mimicking you as if they have no ideas of their own?

Do you respect someone who changes their tone and starts speaking like you?

I don’t.


I respect people who love themselves and engage me as an equal. When people put you on a pedestal, it is VERY easy to look down on them. This is basic science. We will not both look up.

A tall person must look down on a short person, just as a short person must look up. Africans have given Europeans too much height.


Why don’t you stop bending over, so that you can look your white counterparts in the eye?


You cannot blame anyone for not fulfilling your full potential when you have chosen NOT to own your being. Nobody is here to nurse our self esteem issues.

It is absurd that 90% of the people of this nation are up in tears about a 10% who are slowly losing power.

What is wrong with us, to not recognise, that we are part of the majority? To not recognise that what we say, goes. To not recognise our own power and beg for approval from a 10% who don’t even care about us. What is wrong with us that we constantly seek white validation?


African people…we have lost sight of ourselves. I dare you to examine everything we do from how we handle social issues to religion. I dare you to own up to the fact that we have copied these people, and replaced our systems with theirs.


I dare you to look at the justice system and the black men in white wigs, a culture we adopted without question. I dare you to look at our prison systems filled with African men, because white people can’t go to jail. And then I dare you to remember that when Africans ruled, we had leaders who deal with community issues and punishments.

We had no such things called prisons.

I dare you to look at how we idolise the white wedding and cultures that are not ours. How you dream to walk down the isle in a white dress, even though it’s not our thing.

Will you also consider how you have bastardised Lobola so that you can accommodate these expensive weddings, from a foreign people and culture?


In our culture, the aim of Lobola was to create a ritual where both families can meet and feast to celebrate the union. Your new culture, of white weddings which have become about showing-off is quite interesting to observe. It is no different from the working class, right up to the ‘privileged.’ I don’t know how privileged you are if you have had to boycott your own ways. Then you called it sophisticated. Lol. The self lies tho.


It is sad that African people are ashamed to experience their true radiance.


In any business, your competitive advantage is that which sets you aside from others. African people have chosen to run from everything that sets them aside…and then they demand to be respected.


How can you expect to be respected when you have shown ZERO respect for YOURSELF?


Let’s spend a little less time complaining about white people….and pay attention to ourselves and how we continue to enable white supremacy.


An inferiority complex is managed by being confident….you need to be confident about your Africaness to kill racism. Let the witches see you flourish…..at your own game, with your own standards.

You will never beat whiteness by emulating whiteness… you are just feeding into it.

ONLY your pride in your blackness can kill racism.


Are Africans ready to take white people off the pedestal, and put their own ways up there?

This generation must have a story to tell.



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