Beyonce is not feminist.

It always breaks my heart when I see how the black girl has fallen for this gimmick called Beyonce. This created image of greatness….and I use the word ‘created’ deliberately.


The greatness in marketing is that you get to control the narrative. The current Beyonce narrative is, being fake is called success.

Some people think money is success…..that is debatable. Many people with no money have shifted the consciousness of a people. There are Real heroes who use their natural abilities to effect real change.


Beyonce is not a feminist. She is a female yes…but she is not feminist. Feminism is more about protecting the equal rights of women. Parading around in lingerie is more closely linked to ‘sex sells.’

I am of the belief that women can dress as they please….but if it’s for male pleasure, then that is part of patriarchy.

Women need to get out of the mental state that we have to be half naked to get attention.

Your sexuality as a woman should be about YOU……not about pleasing men.

If you are doing your performances in lingerie, that places us in the bedroom. It leads us to sex. And sex sells.

Beyonce’s team knows this.

Beyonce’s team also knows that in our generation there is a buzz around ‘feminism.’

We have seen many on twitter ride that wave for followers/relevance.


It is patriarchy that teaches women that they cannot just show up as themselves….they have to dress themselves up to be appetizing.

Beyonce is doing it just right….She has taken stripping out of the strip club and made it more acceptable on mtv.


Beyonce is also not really about black girls. She is an extension of the Barbie range.

Beyonce has taught black girls that they need weaves.

If Beyonce was REALLY about black girls she would be inspiring black girls to take pride in themselves. She is not.

Adorned in a weave, with layers of make up, photoshop and lighting she has made us think the fake image of her is her success. In other words, if you want to be successful you must kinda look white.


Can we also not run away with our fascination with ‘yellow bones?’ Beyonce’s image plays right into that small self hate issue we have.

In all honesty, if you took off Beyonces weave and washed off her make up and put her in Eldos…..I don’t think she will be the best looking. I truly don’t. A lot of Beyonce is a made up image.

And what’s up with us thinking that to be the most beautiful black girl….you must have mixed blood?


Beyonce is keeping black girls so fixated on weaves and make-up, they have no time to work on the systemised knock on their confidence. It is clear to the whole world that black women have a low self esteem about their hair. Beyonce feeds into this.

I am honestly not sure HOW beyonce is our image of beauty…..when she relies on ‘things’ to be beautiful.


In the world we live in, the ONLY way a black person has access to media control is through white capital…..especially in America. White capital is not trying to promote anyone with a black consciousness agenda. Look what they did to Lauryn Hill.

When she started speaking truth to power they did a whole smear campaign to convince us she is crazy.

For as long as you do not interfere with white supremacy you will be the queen B that rules. Not only that, but they will push their products through you. In fact, white media creates black stars with the sole purpose of selling their products.


Those who are learned in marketing and media know that all information comes from the top and is filtered down to all the legs of that media house.

For example, take Media 24, when they want to push something or someone, they will use Drum Magazine, True Love, Move magazine, sowetan, destiny and their other platforms. One press release has access to many magazines.

What the normal person is unaware of is that, the information they receive in different magazines all has one source.


White media has created Beyonce. As a result, they will use ALL their legs to push her. She makes money for them. They put in lots of money into her to create an illusion… illusion that black girls have fallen for. This Machine called Beyonce is not a human being….but a creation by the people who need to make money off the idea.


The fact that black girls are chasing an illusion is scary for me. You can never be Beyonce. Even Beyonce is not Beyonce.


Beyonce is a light skinned sister who has been afforded a lot of privilege because of her white likeliness. White people have found her beauty acceptable so they love her, black people are fixated with yellowbones, so they love her too.


There are those who argue that she works very hard. Truth is….most artists do, especially independent ones. If you put these artists in that white machine, they would be rendered greatness too. Greatness is rendered by the media…according to you.


Beyonce came from a well off family. Her parents sold everything and made Beyonce their day job. Beyonce’s peers have not had the same privilege. Her peers have had to do their own work, and find their own identity.


Beyonce is also married to a powerful industry man…this puts her in quite a lucrative position.


Beyonce has had a privileged journey.

She is not a feminist.

She is not black conscious.

She is privileged.


My African sisters…..I don’t know how to take you seriously when you have taken a tokoloshe seriously and placed it on a pedestal.

This concept of Beyonce is all in the mind…..


You are up in arms defending a Cinderella story…..nothing real.


Do you REALLY want you r life to about weaves and lingerie? Looks are so temporary.

How about you hail someone who is addressing your real issues?

We are out here dealing with absent fathers, an attack on our hair, unfair employment practices, rape, homophobia, domestic violence, virginity testings……and you want to convince me that changing weaves and dancing in lingerie is feminism???



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