When women fight….

There are many isms going on lately on twitter…I have lost track. What is most apparent to me is the deformation of feminism. The use of big words and judgements is the new age of feminism. We can’t just be human beings who disagree with each other.


When I disagree with women, it is called woman bashing, even when that woman is wrong. Does feminism overlook principles? I am at odd end with many male celebrities, but I am never accused of male bashing. It is only when I disagree with women, that it is called bashing.


Do women not have a place disagree with each other? Is that why we walk around with bottled animosity amongst ourselves? Is it because we have been taught to submit and endure any abuse we may encounter? When the men are at each other’s throats it is accepted by society as a human confrontation. However, when women are at odd ends they are not awarded the space to ’fight it out,’ as women.

It is unladylike….or they are stooping so low. *_*


Basically, women must ALWAYS behave accordingly.

That is a set up for failure…..everybody is human first.


I don’t know which feminism you follow but right now I reserve the right to show all my emotions in all their glory….wether you think I’m right or I’m wrong.


The principles I live by are not gender specific….and I will call it out as I see it.


And don’t disrespect me….and expect me to act like a lady.



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