letter to Palesa

Dear Palesa


It was wrong for me to think you had my phone and then announce it on my social network. It was VERY wrong. I regret that you had to experience me on that level.

Please accept my apology for falsely accusing you of something you did not do…..and splashing it out on my social networks.

I believe my behaviour was inexcusable and I would never want to be falsely accused of anything.

In an effort to restore the goodness in our meeting, please allow me to take you and 2 of your friends to the beach.

I am your older sister and must behave in a way that is inspiring and just…….and must own up when I am wrong.

I was wrong.

Please forgive my drama…….it was unacceptable.


Sending you love, light and blessings

Ntsiki Mazwai



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