Violence and Racism in schools

Hi Ntsiki. My name is Ntsika Nonqane and I am from Durban, I need your help.

I am a Matriculant at a Model C school in Durban called Durban Academy. I’ve been in the school for five years now and I want you to understand that from grade 8-10 I actually loved coming to school. I’ve always been open minded and outspoken and this year I realized how oppressed we are at my school. Ntsiki I wish I could tell you everything that’s happening but now I want to tell you about the tip of the ice berg.  The past Thursday, 10th of March 2016 , learners from neighbouring township’s who came late to school because of the consistent public transport issue were locked outside the school. This infuriated the kids especially matriculants because they had tests. They started singing amaCulo omzabalazo , police came and the kids found a way to break the lock and ran into the school. I mean who wouldn’t it’s our basic right to get an education, why are we being treated like criminals?  The next day when I got to school Ms Mazwai there was a huge police truck outside the school gate!  What are they saying to us?  Is this a school or a prison?  This infuriated the matriculants and at 11:30 we started protesting but it was peaceful please understand that, we didn’t harm anyone or vandalize the school property. We asked the HOD to talk to us she ignored us, we decided to go to the principal he ignored us too. We were so angry at him that we marched to the offices. They locked the front office, while they were talking to two reps from our side, when they were done our reps came out and told us they called us Hooligans and Stupid for protesting!!!!!  The bell rang for after school and soon the whole school joined us, the principal got out his office telling us to evacuate and when we didn’t and we got closer to him he ran away!!!  I’m talking about a man of 60 who’s scared of adolescents. They called the policemen once again Ntsiki and we carried on singing they didn’t realize they uniting US even more.

There are so many things that we don’t like like
1. There’s no African language in our school only Afrikaans and English
2. They don’t want dreadlocks or Afro’s
3 . We being verbally abused and physically abused
4. The management is all white
5 . The code of conduct does not protect us or it’s not in favor for us black people

I have pictures, videos of the protest. Please help us!!  I know you stand up for what’s right!
My contact details : 0710907478
Facebook : Ntsika Teddy Nonqane
Twitter : @NtsikaSibiya


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