Voting DAnger

Who you vote for is your right and your secret. We now live in a democratic country where everybody has the right to vote and make themselves count in our young democracy. Your vote is your signature on the constitution.

Considering our past, voting is a big deal in this country…it matters WHO we vote for.


I am however uncomfortable with the number of black people advocating for the DA to lead South Africa. Wether we like to admit it or not, The DA is a white party. Yes it has a lot of coloured and black window dressing, but the core of the DA is white. DA absorbed the voters who used to vote for the NP. The NP need I remind you, had this country burning up in flames and war. When white people rule, black people suffer. White people have been oppressing black people since they got here. They set up inhumane social systems which robbed us of our land, identity and dignity. Looking back on our history, we can be certain that white people are incapable of leading a black majority. You cannot be the leader of a people you don’t even know. Buying fried chicken for hungry black people to campaign for you shows us exactly the calibre of people we are dealing with, manipulators.


When will black people realise that white people are here to protect their own interests, and those interests do not include us? In the past 500 years that the white people have been here they have managed to take over 70% of our economy. So essentially, we are poor BECAUSE they are rich. They have taken everything that belonged to us and use us as slaves to maintain their machines. What do you think is going to happen when they resume leadership? White people don’t even visit their black friends in the townships, they do not know the black experience nor do they care about it. Do you seriously think putting white people in power is going to benefit black people? Think again and look back a mere 30 years when armies where in our neighbourhoods, when we didn’t have access to anything, and when our men were thrown from the 9th floor at John Vorster Square. When white people were in power just 30 years ago they pushed us all into ghettos that had no decent sanitation and we built big beautiful houses for them. (the same ones they still occupy) Then they made our women clean those houses and pick up after their shit. They made our men manicure those gardens and pick up after their dogs shit. And they paid these people with…..not much. Hence these people remained in their mkhukhus instead of moving up a ladder into better jobs. Think back 30 years ago when we lost thousands of men in mining accidents. Men walked around with no limbs and lost their sources of income….which was not much. Because white people don’t think black people need to be paid as much as them.


DA wants to do away with affirmative action. Do you know why? So that they are not bound to employing black people and can revert back to their corrupt ways of nepotism in the business field. They keep shouting people must be hired on merit but if you look in many industries, especially property, you will realise that a lot of these white men and women who occupy these positions are not qualified either. In a black majority country, white people need to understand that it is natural that blacks will dominate. If our white people want white domination, they can go to Europe and lead there.


I think that DA is fine to exist as a party that represents white people. We do not have the same ways and cultures so white people certainly need a platform and voice so their views can be heard, as for the black people in DA, I don’t know what you are doing there. I truly don’t. I thought that by now you had realised that Mmusi Maimane is a marketing scheme to attract the black vote….hence LIndiwe Mazibuko a more credible leader walked away. Herman Mashaba got his ego played with by the white people, we are shocked but we will move on.


Power is in the economy, currently that is a white people position. Corporate SA is owned by white people. When you as a black person vote DA, you are just adding numbers. I realise that it is your right to vote for whoever you want, but I just want to point out that one vote of yours is going to affect us all. Please choose wisely?


Who we Africans will be led by is our conversation and we will find our leaders amongst ourselves. There are a few black led parties on that ballot and wherever you look in the world, politicians are corrupt. Nothing will ever be more corrupt than how white people have taken control over our economy.


My vote cannot go to white people because they have had 500 years to demonstrate their leadership and have failed dismally. I am smart enough to realise that the ANC inherited a rotten system, my disappointment with the ANC lies in that they maintained a toxic system to benefit themselves….instead of working to improve the lives of the majority in this land. I am bitter too that they have traumatised the black people so much, that black people are now running towards the DAnger we should be running from. All these black DA voters are a product of the frustration with a removed, superficial and celebrity crazy government. ANC has created this monster.


The political arena is fresh and ready to seed new political parties, new leaders who are concerned with the needs of the people. This is not the time to be moving backwards. Your vote affects us ALL.