edom is no longer white people it is now black people who stand in the way of our freedom. There is nothing worse than fighting for a people who defend the enemy. A lot of important conversations in South Africa are being silenced by black people who are either, out of fear or total admiration take offence when black people raise issues of oppression by the white man.


It goes without say that apartheid was a system with rules and regulations kept up by the white minority. After 94 we were supposed to address all these social rules, in our schools and in our work places. It was not just about making toilets multi racial. We were supposed to address all the shisms and isms in our education system particularly as that is where we were affected (infected) from a young age. We didn’t do that. Instead we occupied places and positions in the very same system built to oppress us.

We have now given birth to a new generation free of apartheid history (well sort of). Since these systems are still in place we are still very much living under apartheid conditions. The rules did not change. This new generation takes a stand and points out some of the areas we failed to address, and we know exactly what they are talking about. We too were exposed to the same racist school rules, but our spirits were not evolved enough to take on the fight. We are now dealing with the evolution of the black child and what do we do? We silence them.

There are black people in our midst who do not want to upset white power. Some of us are so afraid to offend the white man we are willing to wear helmets on our heads instead of telling white people that ‘this is my hair! Deal with it!’

Our forefathers did not have the privilege of standing up for blackness because they had guns held to their heads. We lost our identity because of whit brutality. We lost black pride because of a race of people who told us we were ugly and made us slaves.

The conversation we need to have with white people has to be firm and unapologetic. You do not define your boundaries with permission, you set the rules. That is the only way you will get taken seriously.

I am getting tired of these blacks who sugar coat important black issues because they are scared of losing their white fan base. These types of blacks are holding us back.

When someone has abused you, you do not smile at them and make excuses for them…if you want to rebuild that relationship, you lay down the law. Kahle nje.

We see you trying to be politically correct and self righteous but you are being counter revolutionary, especially those of you who now have white friends to defend. I also question what kind of a friend would have a problem with who you are and what you look like.

We all have different strengths. There are some conversations that the Rainbow Nation Defense Force needs to sit out. While you want to enjoy a fake PR movement, real South Africans are trying to build a South Africa that tolerates and respects different cultures.

We are not racist, nor anti white, we are pro mutual respect. Unlike you, we do not need nasal twangs and fake hair to fit into this society called new South Africa. The aim is to create a country where EVERYBODY is free to be themselves (without having to assimilate whiteness.)

So, if you are those blacks that live in the Rainbow Nation and speak good English with your white friends, please we beg you, sit the black consciousness debates out because everytime you speak we cringe.

How are we going to teach the white man how to treat us with you standing there protecting the master? The master will never change his ways if he see that even we are fighting amongst ourselves about the matter at hand.

We beg you, you can keep your white friends just PLEASE stop getting in the way of black people’s right to be black. For transformation to happen A LOT of changes are going to need to be made. The younger generation will continue to point black people to a more dignified and just way of life, when they do this, can we not stand in the way of our own freedom please?

Some of these rules are crazy, so these battles will look crazy…but these battles are important because we have the right to be black!


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