ANC Elite Must Fall

It is sad for me to have to write this as some of the people I am talking about I refer to as Aunt and Uncle in my private spaces. The ANC elite….wow, you have pulled quite a number on us. Now that you guys have sorted yourselves and your children out now suddenly you don’t remember struggle? Just because you have your fingers in the pie you have no interest in changing the status quo for black people?

We should have known when white capital teamed up with you, we should have known that they were giving you a taste so you could get drunk.

You negotiated in Codesa so you know full well that in those talks you did not get the economy back. What that means is that you have essentially failed black people in this country. We sent you to speak for us and you came back with nothing but coins in your individual pockets. Not only were you bamboozled but now you continue to do the gate keeping for white capital.

Fees Must Fall is not your business because quite frankly…like white people, you took the money and ran. You can afford education to an extent where you can educate your children overseas. Although you have surrounded yourselves with yourselves, I can assure you that basic education is not a basic thing for the average family. Because you have failed to address minimum wages, our people are still suffering.

Uncle Gwede your comments were horrendous. They were vile and they spoke from a place of privilege. We see reports in the papers with your children busy squandering money: you are therefore in no position to even have an opinion.

Unlike you the ANC elite, people on the ground do not have money and they are making it clear that they cannot afford free education.

If you were half the freedom fighters you say you are you wouldn’t be threatening students, you would be going back to those Codesa talks. Instead of using dirty apartheid tactics on students, you would have the guts to address white capital monopoly playing out in our economy. There are people in this country who get paid R30million/month while the people who work for them can’t afford education. That is absurd.

It’s nice for you to sit in your nice homes and speak your nice English as long as it is not your children who will be affected.

We are not stupid, of course we know that the destruction of school property is nothing less than ignorant, but do you understand the pain of frustration till your mind explodes? No you don’t, because most of you are illegally obtaining tenders and funding based on your networks.

Bantu abadala you have shown us greed in a manner we never thought we would see from our own parents. It has been a shame filled experience to watch you deal with Fees Must Fall. You have shown us that you are greedy cowards who are unwilling to stand up for what is right.

Your people have been wronged, you are in a position to take on white capital and set some rules, but you are out here protecting your comfortable privilege.

For a change….make yourselves worthy leaders and address fees must fall without shooting children.



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