Dear White South Africans

Owing to this concept of Braai Day, I am forced to have this honest and somewhat uncomfortable conversation with you. I had hoped that since you have grown white people, they would teach you better…but they have not.


Let’s start at the beginning……my dear white people, you are not descendants of this land called Afrika. Afrika has its own children that it has birthed and nurtures.

It is written in the history books (which your people wrote) that you came from Holland, France, Britain, Spain…..all these are European countries.

The moral of the story is….You are descendants of Europe.

You are the children of Elizabeth, Hitler, Bismarck and others that built their legacy on stealing lands and making people slaves.


Indeed this is not necessarily a history one would be proud of, but it is what it is, and you are now in a position to ‘Do Right.’


There are certain behaviours which provoke the hell out of Africans…..most of these issues are centred around your SELF importance. What is it about you white people that makes you think that your thoughts, ideas and existence is more important than other races?

This confuses me because you did not build your own empires, we built them for you.

You did not raise you own children, we did that for you.

You did not stand up when the injustices of Apartheid were happening, we stood up for ourselves.


The white liberals are now going to be up in arms, but in all honesty, white liberals did not have to carry Dompasses, they could go wherever they pleased and the very same white liberals benefitted from white privilege. So tell me, ‘How do you know someone’s struggle…..when you have never struggled?’ GFOH


You have been on this land for over 500 years and yet have been too damn arrogant to learn the language. In school, you make your children take subjects like French and German….How is French and German going to help you communicate with the majority black people of this land? My people can speak your European language and they don’t even live in Europe….you live in Afrika and you don’t know the language? With all due respect but that is Dumb as F***


When you white people speak to a group of black people why do you speak ‘stupid’ English? That thing where you talk down to black workers makes you look stupid.


I don’t know if its ignorance, arrogance or a desire to be asked to go back to your lands which makes you disrespect our Heritage Day by calling it Braai day…but I can promise you that this concept is extremely provocative and may I remind you that you are in the minority.

This racist concept of yours where you want us to erase our heritage will quickly lead to a ‘Zimbabwe’ situation……yes you know that situation where white people got chased off the land? Yes….THAT situation.

Even in your own homes, if a guest had to disrespect how you do things in YOUR own house…you would ask them to leave.


My dear white South Africans, my generation is not the apartheid generation. We do not have a psychological fear of white people. We were born in a time where we CHOSE to forgive you…don’t abuse our humility.


Heritage day is a day where we celebrate the story of South Africa, the story of its people, cultures and traditions. It is a day where we celebrate African kings and queens who have ruled us and have given birth to our nations. It is a day where the African child hears their own story. The other 365 days of the year we are heavily inundated in white culture……24 September is the ONE day where we can be proudly black.


How dare you downgrade a day of African Pride to Beers and a braai………



We get it though……we get why you would rather have a beer and a braai than celebrate the military genius that King Shaka Zulu was….


It’s just that…when in AFRIKA…you do as the AFRIKANS.

Qha ke


Kind Regards

Your rainbow nations counterparts

57 thoughts on “Dear White South Africans

  1. Wow sisi, engathi every European descendant would read this. You have put the thoughts of many real South Afrikans into words.

  2. As i am reading this i am watching a white young man shouting at 3 young black men doing landscaping at no 3 or 5 Monarch Rd in Baronetcy Estate Plattekloof down the road from where Bryan Habana lives.The rules of the estate are changed to suite white contractors the can operate outside the rules of the labour relations act 66 of 1995,how in the hell can i celebrate Heritage Day witnessing this modern day slavery,will be reporting this to the Department of Labour in the morning but i hold my breath to see if anything comes of this,developing at the e
    xpense of cheap labour has becoming a way of life in the new South Africa

  3. There is still too much fear in most of our South Africans’ in a way that most think they will starve or are even starving now because whites are no longer in power.

  4. U said it all sisi!!!braai day mi foot,I refuse 2 col this day a braai day,basithatha njani ababa bantu,basenza abantu abavalekileyo…..’Proudly blck South African’

  5. Thanks Sisi! Thanks…
    You spoke like a great historian that I am…
    Its time Our Dear White South Africans know they no longer in power!
    Heritage Day!! Inkcubeko yethuu

  6. We need people like you, some of us see these things but are too scared to speak I don’t know why but thanks for your guts, the arrogance in SOME white people has gone too far now.

  7. I never understood how could roasring meat on a grill (barbacue) be anyone’s haritage, it’s preposterous and stupid to say the least.

  8. I wish zi funde ezi ntja*pissed*….I’m sick of pretending mna straight even now they still have it in their blood to enslave the africans we see it every day on companies and customer care on shops. They giving each other great positions in workplaces and they don’t get the work done,they still disrespect our heritage the only day we should be enjoying without them reminding us how they despise us.

  9. Well spoken sisi, hell with dis braai-day yabo.tx for telling de truth lyk it is hope those white poeple dey don’t take action coz dey don’t wanna hear de truth. Big up sis I’m y’r fan

  10. So what u saying is we should slaughter a cow, dance around a fire half naked and then march over to the neighbouring village and rape and kill the other tribe?
    Im so sick of hearing this is afrika bullshit and that the whites must leave and go somewhere else! Go fuck yourself, i was born here which makes this just as much my country as yours! If i want to spend heritage day braaing or marching around my garden pretending to be hitler or whoever else then thats my choice and fuck all to do with you. Nobody is complaining how you spend your day! So leave other people to spend their day as they please. Just as much as Shaka was a great warrior so were the settlers for building the infrastructure that you use today and building schools that educated many black people who live abroad. I wasnt born a racist or brought up to be a racist but people like you are making me a racist!

    • Jonga apa wena Byron ur moron susqhela ikaka apa this is SA our country wena ulindwendwe apa nanini sithanda singanigxotha apha so suphendula amasende akho amhlophe apa utsho izothe ngobobumhlophe bakho apa…..makumganyelwana maqela…inoba ugeziswa yile sithetha olulwimi lwakho apa xasiniphendula….srhama sdika izinja!!!!

  11. I am so glad that u brought up the fact that you built the country for us. It’s when the black nation had respect and purpose. Now you vote criminals into power. That squander every last tax paying citizens money. That is what you do when u are left to your own avail. Stupid stupid stupid. Stupid enough to build our cities stupid enough to be complaining about a heretige you played no part in. If our western ways are so arrogant the next time you walk into a hospital explain your African heritage then. Look at your African brothers and sisters that chased away the so called Europeans look at how wonderfully their arrogance turned out for them.

    More like stupid is as stupid does. Never mind when in Africa.

  12. This is very well written, and it’d good to hear that so many people feel very pissed off about the casual way heritage has been interpreted. I guess I can offer another slightly different perspective. In white culture, public holidays are not often really seen as celebrations of what they are named after, well in my experience anyway. They are basically seen as an excuse to not be at work, and some smart-ass came up with the idea that braaing is a big part of South African culture (while it is an Afrikaans word, I don’t know many people regardless of colour who don’t cook meat on a fire). It was an easy way to use the word ‘heritage’ for an excuse to have a braai, but I don’t honestly think it is meant as an offensive thing towards people who truly have a very strong link with their heritage, and actually have beautiful clothing and traditions to celebrate and remember. I think it’s just not thinking at all!

    I don’t have anything – yes my heritage is French Huguenot, but I can’t relate to anything at all that is French Huguenot. Hell, I had to spell check Huguenot! I guess, when coming from a hazy heritage, where I don’t even know what my ancestors wore or how they spoke, or what their good and bad deeds were (let along their Kings and Queens) it’s far easier for me to think about the things that have made me who I am. Respect is a massive issue in South Africa, and my heart bleeds for people in situations where they actually have to take such awful treatment from a white superior to be paid a minimum wage, because of a lack of alternatives. It’s all kinds of messed up really, and I do what I can to turn it around, throw light on it, never behave that way ever, show humility and respect.

    So what I am saying really, is that it’s good to hear anger and sensibility mixed together, because it means something. Next time Heritage day pops around, ask a white counterpart about their heritage before you slam them to the ground for not having a strong connection with their history. Pull it out, make them want to know more, explore more – and make them less propelled to dumb it down with a braai and beers. If anything, just prod them into thinking. Why not? (And @Dennis Pillay, as for the white guy yelling at three black workers, I feel shit about telling people not be assholes to other people. Next time you see that, you tell that white guy he is a douche bag regardless of colour – no one treats anyone like that. Period).

  13. Somebody will wipe the floor with her story and clean her up for breakfast.i myself could pick a whole lot of shit from this and throw it back in her face.for one,we built this country,not laid the bricks but we gave you the bricks.without the money and knowledge you have can’t build an Apple iPhone and then tell apple I built it.without having been given the opportunity to be trained to do it and then be paid to do which is called a “job” you have nothing. For the years and years upon years your ancestors and Sipho were here before us ,100’s if not 1000’s of years ,they built nothing but talked shit around a fire half naked. the white man came and gave you civilization that we all know today but we going back to the the day the English,Spanish at co arrived on the beach slowly but might be fine but you a selfish bitch who actually hasn’t suffered either and you come up with this hogwash.we brought the knowledge,money and infrastructure to this land so del with it.the fact that you all claim this land because you were here first means fuck all in the bigger scheme of all acting like children.its plain and simple science we clever up top and that’s the way Mother Nature intended it to with it.its a fact .now take your shit and fuck off.going to go light my braai

    • Oh you’re so full of yourself. As if civilization did not exist before and was something magically construed by western powers. Have you ever considered who writes the history books and what they want YOU to think about YOUR history? Why, pray tell, is the history always skewed to the all-mighty white hero descending upon lowly Africa to bestow upon her impoverished bosom, gifts of knowledge and infrastructure. And when you realize that you’re argument is standing on a pile of ignorant bigotry that has no reckoning in true history, ie. not the ones your colonial ancestors and years of racial based oppression have instilled in you, do have the courtesy to respect your own language and use spell check and this impressive White/Asian/African/all cultures invention called an Information bank – otherwise known as books and the internet – because no one has time for information these days – we all say whatever the hell we want.

  14. So much bullshit…. The fact that you can even read and write is because you learnt it from Europeans. Interesting that you hate us so much, but not the nice things we gave to you. Do you drive a car or still walk where you want to be, eh? The Afrikan way? When Van Riebeeck got here, even the wheel was still an unknown concept. So sharrap, Tief, You call the holiday what you want, and we call it what we want, verstaan? Or must i klap it into your vlak kop?

    • Yes, I am familiar with the first university in the world. It is widely disputed, but i can tell you now, it’s not Timbouctou. Even if Cairo is to be believed, please don’t consider yourself to be descended from the advanced Ancient Egyptians. Au contraire….

      • So if i understand it right, if it is disputed as to whether Timbuktu or Cairo is the oldest – then, according to you – if i am understanding you correctly – one is able to draw the conclusion that it is, in fact, Ancient Egypt that holds the crown for oldest and because people of African Descent can’t possibly deign to partake in Egyptian history and because we apparently originate from the alternate disputed university we are stupid, can’t amount to anything and have absolutely nothing to offer the world. Correct me where I may be getting mixed up in your words.

  15. I agree with majority of what you have written Ntsiki, except the part about how stupid white people are for not learning any Afrikan languages. The simple truth is that they are not interested in learning them.
    We as people of color need to stop trying to prove our worth to white people by adopting their customs. That alone says a lot about how we see ourselves. We need to start by psychologically emancipating ourselves.

  16. You madame, are such a hypocrite! You and I (being a so-called “white”) have equal right to this land.

    You accuse white people of self importance, yet you believe this is YOUR land. If you read up on your history, you’ll read how thousands of white Afrikaners bled and died (alongside black South Africans) to defend this country from British rule.

    So seeing that I was born in Afrika, seeing as I have JUST as much (if not more) passion and love for Afrika flowing through my veins with every heartbeat as you have, seeing as my ancestors fought and died for this land (as have yours), am I not also entitled to be proud of my land? Am I not entitled equal right to live here in peace?

    South Africa was a beautiful, lush, rich country… and the reason it is deteriorating, is because of people like you, not acknowledging white South African as also having a stake in the welfare of this nations. There is plenty of space for everyone, but everyone needs to pull their weight. We need to acknowledge each other’s strengths and weaknesses and use that to build. Standing with outstretched arms, demanding what is yours by so called birthright is pathetic. If you want something, work for it.

    I am sad to say, that I (a “white’) am but a tourist in my homeland! Not entitled to being more than a wounded animal in a cage.

    So to the topic of “Braaiday”: The “white” South African population is by far in the minority. Yet Braaiday, (Braaiing being the most basic way, we celebrate our heritage) has grown to become such a trend, that you feel threatened enough to post your silly ramblings. I think its great that you feel so passionate about your heritage, but how strongly do the majority of South Africa feel about theirs? Its a “neverminded” attitude has led to the current state of this nation. If they felt as strong about their heritage, as the white people feel about a simple thing like “Braaiing”, would we be having this discussion? Braaiday would be but a shadow in comparison to an Afrika heritage event! If only the people cared…

    You complain about the state of heritage day… well do something about it!
    Sitting around complaining isn’t going to make the bad self important white people braai any less.

  17. No one is more superior than anyone, we are all gifted with the same skills, knowledge and does wisdom not come with skin colour, it’s within all of us, and whether we use these gifts or not really depends on you the individual. We are all brothers and sisters we are all supposed to be working together because we need each other, let us all be humble we didn’t create ourselves, we are all jigsaw puzzle pieces which create a beautiful picture (future) for the generations to come, okay so let’s look at this as a stepping stone to understanding what works for all of us, other than seeking a reason to argue.

  18. Dear ntsikimazwai,

    I have read this post. I understand what you mean. I am 18 years old, leaving school. Terrified out of my mind but at the same time so excited for the future. I am white and i am a female. I have lived a priveledge life and i am grateful for it. This post is directed at those “white” people who are ignorant, rude and completely insensitive. Though as i read this i do not feel that way. I am not a decendent of Hitler or even Stalin. They were evil people not an evil colour. The white people in history you speak off used religion to justify what they did and that is still going on today. I a white. My mother is Afrikaans and my father is Scottish. I am a “european decendent” yes, but i do not look at the Kings and Queens of Great Britian as icons. I am a decendent of Scotland where William Wallace fought for the freedom of his people from the same as Africans fought. That was also a struggle. Africa is not the only conitinent to see violence for freedom. I was born in South Africa and i have lived in other countries but i now live again in SA but i am no less of an African than you. No colour is evil, what made the colour white on flesh evil is those who did great evils to this world and that must never be forgotten. We live in a world that has reached a point where if you share your opinion and it is not the right one you are attacked with words. I respect your opinion as i hope you will mine. I have read the comments and it makes me angry that people atttack your words that you spoke from the heart. From my heart however i feel by genrelising all White South Africans to speak to a Black South African as dumb is incredibly rude. I may now been seen to be attacking your words but this is how i felt reading this. I have experianced myself when i am blamed for being racist or even sexist for saying my opinion. You say ” My dear white South Africans, my generation is not the apartheid generation. We do not have a psychological fear of white people. We were born in a time where we CHOSE to forgive you…don’t abuse our humility.” but you slam the heritage of others. How is that even better? Next time i suggest stop and ask anyone doesn’t matter what colour they are. Ask where they are from Heritage day is to celebrate your roots. Not to you ones in Africa but to the ones you may share with the rest of the world.

    If you read this please send a reply. I would love to chat more on the topic.
    Kind Regard,
    An 18 year old white girl.

      • yes, there are many generalisations in this post, I agree with u……of course I don’t put all white ppl under one banner…..u were correct, I am dealing with the racist ones who have disrespected my ppl…..

      • Great to hear from you! I respect you stand up for what you believe and your opinions. I know from growing up in other countries that as being a “foreigner” in those countries that i was seen as Non-European. Which is interesting since they were white and so am I. To those who are white and slam what you have said saying that you are racist ect, ect. Sadden me. This is not what the “free generation” were supposed to be raised as, but we have grown up in a world that if you say one word it could offend hundreds of people. My parents have raised me not to see colour. My mother lived during the Apartheid Era and it says that a only minority of white did believe in the regime. I do not speak an african language but that is primarly based on i was never introduced to it in home life or at school. (which i see has been mentioned in another comment) . My mother tongue is english and i applaud those who can speak two or more languages. Though i find there are less racist people out in the world but those who are…no point in addressing them because that is how they were raised. A child copies what they are taught, an adult looks at the world and decides for themselves how they feel.
        Keep your voice, it will send a message far and wide! Look at the response you have created! However i have learnt that words are just as damaging as actions.I wouldn’t say watch what you say but definitely how you word it.

  19. Get over it. It is HISTORY. You are a typical racist idiot. This is the new generation. I am AFRICAN. Im off to have a lekka braai now with chops and brandy and coke.

  20. This is interesting to read and the feelings expressed are understandable. I am a white male that was raised on a farm. I was raised by black women alongside their children. Yes, I did have the advantage of “white privilege” in that I lived in the house that their mothers looked after while their fathers were employed by mine. I did go to an English school when my friends couldn’t. That however is where it stops. I grew up speaking isiXhosa like many farm kids in the Eastern Cape, I ate mphokogqho out of a communal bowl sharing a spoon, I was taught about the Xhosa culture by my friends on the farm. I’m not claiming that this makes me a better person than someone who didn’t grow up this way or just a better person in general. all it does is give me an understanding and huge respect for the culture of the Xhosa. I was taught to greet first when addressing elders (Molo tata, molo mama), I was taught when shaking hands to use two hands, I was taught to extend both hands as a sign of thanks when receiving something, the list goes on. Simple things like this give me an understanding of a fantastic culture not many people know about. Yes, I celebrate my heritage by having a braai, because that is how the white man cooked when he came to this great place. As much you don’t like it, we each influence each other’s heritage. The white man had an impact on the black man just as much the black man impacted the white man’s heritage. Your heritage isn’t something that happened only 100’s or 1000’s of years ago, it’s something that happens all the time. My heritage includes growing up with the Xhosa kids on the farm, it includes what Nelson Mandela fought for and it also includes what happened 100’s of years ago. This is something we all need to remember, we all want to celebrate our heritage, but all people have different cultural upbringings. There are things that are going to offend both groups of people which is understandable, the white English people have differences with the Afrikaans whites, just as much as the Zulu and Xhosa people have their differences. This will always be the case and embracing these differences is the first step towards acceptance of each other. It’s pointless pointing fingers and beating chests, trying to prove who is best because of who did what to whose ancestors. Those things happened and we need to start looking to ourselves to see how we as South Africans can work together to not let them happen again and to build towards creating an awesome place to live.
    This may be seen as a very white view and I accept that people will think that, it’s just one person’s opinion.

    • Jim I can sense how calm and saddened you are by this opinion by the “StreetQueen” and I commend you for not allowing your emotions to take over your reasoning.

      It sounds like you had a good childhood and enjoyed yourself more with the Xhosa Culture & Teachings.


  21. Generalisations, both in the original post and the comments, sadden me. Generalisations like “white people think their thoughts, ideas and existence are better than other races” or “your ancestors built nothing and talked shit around a fire while half naked”. When we group people into predefined boxes that fit in with our own fixed understanding of the world, we only further perpetuate the hatred; the injustice. Generalisations cause us to believe that black people are stupid and so should be looked down on. That white people are racist and so should be hated. That women are inferior and so deserve to be raped. I encourage everyone, both reading and writing on this post, to look beyond their limited view of the world. And don’t violently oppose being put in a box, when you are so willing to do the same to others.

  22. Guys regardless of who came here first and who worked for who, I think we can both to some extent agree that things in the past were bad, and worse for some more than others.

    The simple fact is that as people we should be learning to work together. We should be learning from the mistakes of our ancestors and I’m referring to all cultures and ethnicities here. Racism and inequality is a stain on many a cultures history, yours mine everyones. I can understand that there is anger about the rebranding of heritage day to “Braai” day just as there is anger about renaming streets and parks etc ..

    And as mentioned earlier our public holidays serve very little purpose in educating us as a nation, in fact most people are just happy to either a) get the day off or b) get double pay for working (hopefully).

    Ntsiki Mazwai, have you forwarded your disapproval of the Braai day rebranding to our ever efficient government ? Have you let them know that as an African woman you feel insulted.
    And would they care ? I don’t think so.

    So lets stop getting pissed off with each other and lets figure out how we can be the first generation that made things better for everyone. Then when we are old and dying, on heritage day we can tell our grandchildren of how amazing it was that so many South Africans worked together to fix what was a broken country full of misguided hate aimed at past transgressions.

    We are all guilty here and we are also responsible to make it better.

  23. As a white South African I agree with a lot of what you’ve said in this post. I’m personally ashamed of the fact that I can’t speak an African language, the funny thing is only Afrikaans and English were offered at the schools that I attended, and these were public schools! I do feel like this was written in anger though which makes me quite sad, I may be naïve, but I still hold onto the hope that SA will become a united country, we have so much to be proud of and thankful for.
    I love this country, please let me stay lol.
    Peace and love!!

    • hehehehehehehe mmmm I was mad as hell. I don’t like this Braai day thing….its offensive. lol! we don’t mind you here….it’s just that mutual respect matters…..A LOT! else I will have to confront ya’ll again! don’t make aunty Ntsiki mad!

  24. And why do we black people always pull the racial card?? The injustices of the past should be left in the past, because honestly take a critical look at how we “Africans” are screwing our home over!!!

  25. So much anger and so much hate… I realise that I am a fortunate white student that can not possibly put myself in the shoes of the majority of our country, but this constant continuing of this racial war is never going to bring OUR country forward. Nelson Mandela taught us that, “No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” It is time that us as SOUTH AFRICANS stop bickering and moaning and stop blaming each other for what happened in the past and start working together to better things for our children. If a social issue you see today is bothering you, do not look at the past but look at the present. To my opinion a president that steals R 240 million for a house instead of resources or education for the children of this country is the real reason we are not moving forward.

  26. You’re so fucking dumb it’s almost unbelievable. You and your kind make your race look retarded, But in a country where stupidity wins the day I guess you’re just preaching to the dumb choir who can barely fucking read. Moron.

  27. she has a point. Im a white male and i love to have the occadional braai but to make a farce of a national holiday with more braais and beers, it gets a bit embarrassing. I don’t necessarily agree with the rest of the letter, i may be a decendant of europeans from a 100 years ago but i was born here and so were my parents and their parents before that. There is only african blood in me. We all agree that apartheid was the biggest embarrassment that ever happened but lets not turn this into a reverse apartheid. South africa is an amazing country and regardless of what goes on, im am still proud to belong here. We all need to work togethher now to get to place where there is proper harmony again.

  28. Steve Biko once said, white people need to understand that they are not superior but just human beings and black people also need to understand that they are not inferior but just human beings.

  29. As for Apartheid- I feel for all South African’s that have to deal with the consequences of it. I was not born during Apartheid but I try to grasp the effect that it has had on many South Africans. For that I can only say sorry for what my white ancestors have done.

    However, your facts about the white settlers and black South Africans are completely wrong. White settlers came to South Africa not long after most black tribes came from other parts of Africa. The only truly indigenous people of South Africa and the so-called “people from this land” are the San. If you are so proud of your heritage then you should know these simple facts. I doubt that your ancestors were part of the San tribe, nonetheless let me give you some insight. Before making such wild accusations go read up on history. If your forefathers come from Zimbabwe or some other country then by your own logic you are not South African, but African. We cannot heal the divide of the past with your mindset.

    We are all South Africans- white, black , colored etc. I don’t see you talking about the Indians or colored people and stating that they should leave the country as well? You cannot preach equality if you do not practice or believe in it. If you want reverse Apartheid that’s fine and it can be your opinion, but that would never solve any problem. We are all humans. Why can’t we just live in harmony in a new South Africa for all? Why do we need to leave to solve some problem that our ancestors created? White South African’s can celebrate their heritage with a braai if they choose to do so- you can celebrate it in any way or form you choose to. The mere fact that I have to talk about “me” and “you” or “us” and “you” because of our differences in race severely pisses me off. We are both humans and South Africans.

    I just find your hypocrisy amusing. You preach things as if it is fact when it is not. You even state “rainbow nation”. Yes we are a rainbow nation that is what makes us special.This racial divide shit has to stop. We can embrace each other’s cultures without this hate for things done in the past. I was never oppressed and I can never imagine how that could feel like, but you are just adding fuel to the fire instead of solving anything. You and I are both South African citizens- equals. If you continue to have this mindset we cannot build a better South Africa.

    Change your mindset, work towards a better future without bitterness in your heart.

    “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

  30. I’m looking forward to the day when we will do what Mugabe did to these arrogant people, whites in Zim respect blacks, Mugabe taught them humility.

    • This is a little backwards, do you realise there are no white farmers left in Zim? They’ve all moved to Zambia and now export food to Zim. That worked really well didn’t it? Zim is a fantastic place to live right? Zim is an example of what not to do.
      I suggest we unite together to impeach Jacob Zuma, let’s revoloutionise the political system in SA, a government by the people an for the people. Corruption is the real enemy here, let’s stamp it out by whatever means necessary.

  31. I have read this and all the comments and have come to a conclusion thats this is against our racisim rights…I now believe that we as “white South Africans-yes South Africans” should take legal action against your petty biased comments.Its sad to see how you have generalised all white South Africans.”white South Africans “would love to see what a lawyer would to have to say about your blatant racisim.

  32. I am white, born in this country. So were my parents and my grandparents. Yes they are of European decent, but not calling me African is racist – this is my country too!!

    But since you distinguish between “African” and “Whites”, let me say this. We too have a heritage that we celebrate. Braai is a social method of preparing food, which is something embeded in our heritage. So we may not celebrate this?

    At the end of the day I couldn’t give a flying F*** what you think. My point is this – While the African government is F***ing up our country and economy, you are more concerned about what white people are doing on Heritage day. Maybe you should focus your attention to REAL issues?

  33. Masivotele ukuba kuphathe thina ngobuninzi bethu khon’ukuze singamoshi ixesha, sithukwa sisenyeliswa ngamagxagxa. Masibambane ngezandla sifundisane, sibonisane ngobulumko bendalo esinabo.

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