Cassper and Americans

Let me start by saying that just before Cassper blew up, there was a woman called Ntsiki Mazwai who was tweeting constantly about him, she would even go as far as tweeting radio stations asking why they are not playing his music. So bottom line is…..Ntsiki is a fan. Despite the fact that he stole my song urongo without so much as acknowledging it, yes, you can google it Cassper uRongo….lol! yup. Anyways back to the matter at hand. I have loved watching Cassper grow and develop. I have been inspired by his work ethic and I was completely blown away at him selling out the dome. uCassper mina ungichazile…..up until that Sway interview. I have never been so embarrassed to be South African in my life.


That interview single handedly showed me that artists should not only focus on the craft…but artists should also be readers and be more conscious of the position they occupy. In an interview to MILLIONS of listeners world wide Cassper proceeded to grovel for Americans. I think what was even sadder to watch was the dj trying to bring consciousness to the conversation but Cassper just could not keep up. The dj started the interview by framing Hip Hop and its roots beginning in Afrika. That WHOLE conversation FLEW over Casspers head when in his response he started gushing about America and how we south Africans aspire to be American. No Cassper, that is just you and your self worth issues, the majority of south Africans are VERY African. And only some of the kids who grew up fluent in English aspire to be American, and let’s be honest now, that is quite a below average aspiration. Next time please speak for yourself and don’t make us ALL look ignorant.

Actually, that was the embarrassment, having that ignorance on the washing line for the whole world to see.


I suggest now that South African artists know that there is a global interest in us, can we start teaching ourselves about ourselves and our history. We cannot occupy global positions and gush at America. That is a disgrace. As the interview progressed you could literally feel the discomfort in studio as the co presenters didn’t know how to deal with suddenly being hailed as the gods of Africans. South Africa, you need to learn that you are powerful in your own right. You need to own it.


I wont go into how Cassper wanted American groupies over south African ones, that made him look rather lame I must admit. Then he proceeded to say that the experience he can give to an American groupie is that in SA he is a superstar so she will get mobbed. Really Cassper?? Really? The level of depth was sadly a missing element in that interview.


Essentially, in that whole 45mins Cassper said nothing powerful, nothing to make South Africa look good. He basically made us seem like we are a nation of Americas groupies. The interview left me feeling embarrassed about the youth. Do the youth really wanna be American? If so…..WOW!

I wonder if Cassper is aware that NO American has EVER filled up the dome, just like I wish that AKA knew that the Lyons are a cast of ACTORS, he is the real rapper. Would AKA think it is an achievement if he was on a set with the Generations cast?? So manje why does he think the Lyons are special? Ayi guys……a le eme ha nyani. Khani buye amazweni….niseMzansi.


Thankfully Casspers verse at the end of the interview saved most of his content. We are going to have to rather focus on that. But all I know is that, the next time DJ Sway wants to have a conscious conversation about Hip Hop in south Africa……please don’t call Cassper.







Since starting to prepare for my production NTSIKI SPEAKS at this year’s Grahamstown National Arts Festival, I have realised that this is a divinely blessed production and process. I have received so much love and support, I wondered how I could make my blessings spread around to other people.


As you know I have always been the voice of the Black Gal. My 1st popular poem Hey Black Girl is a true reflection of my commitment to the advancement and betterment of black girls especially in South Africa. I have always been crazy about the black girl. I have always addressed issues affecting the Black Gal. My purpose in life, is to use my gifts to empower the Black Gal.


It hit me like a ton of bricks when I realised that I had the opportunity to gather some black girls and share the NTSIKI SPEAKS experience with them. I want girls from eRhini to have access and from the neighbouring village, Peddie.


I don’t have the money to pay for all their tickets, but I do have a following that has disposable income and is thirsty to make a difference. People can give by giving a Black gal access to the theatre. The Black Gal can see herself reflected on stage and know that anything is possible. We want to inspire dreams and we want to inspire greatness with this initiative.


Who knows, maybe the next Dolly Rathebe will be a girl from Peddie.


To donate tickets: buy tickets at and send your confirmation to and cc


Tickets are R50 each. Please book on the 2nd of April as the daytime show accommodates travel arrangements from the village.


Thank you so much for your support


Hey Black Gal

Hey Black Gal

With any issues

Throw away you box of tissues

The time has come for emancipation

Sing our song of celebration


Hey black ngehips nempundu

Awusemhle ntaka


Bendicela ukubamba isandla

No one works those hips

The way that you do

I found that it’s true

These hips are for keeps

Hey black gal ngehips nempundu

Ngamaxesha akho

Stand up and be counted!


Hey Black Gal

With any issues

Throw away you box of tissues

The time has come for emancipation

Sing our song of celebration


Hey blue, blue black girl

Let it go

You fear of yellows, reds and greens

Their sentence was lean

For their misinterpretation

Of her celebration

Of being mother creation

Iintsikelelo kuwe

Black ndlovukazi


Hey Black Gal

With any issues

Throw away you box of tissues

The time has come for emancipation

Sing our song of celebration


Hey black gal

Ngenwele ezineGrowth!



Ngamandla akho

Curled, locked and entwined

It’s divine

The message in your hair

Hey black gal

Ngama afro puff

strut your stuff

Show them

This is not a bluff


Hey Black Gal

With any issues

Throw away you box of tissues

The time has come for emancipation

Sing our song of celebration

Dear Government Celebrities

A letter to the government of South Africa


Re: Government interference in arts


We seem to be having a problem with government officials thinking that they form part and parcel of the entertainment industry. For the record, you are not in the entertainment industry, we have put you in office to manage the affairs of the country. This does not include you usurping industry events and making boring speeches.


Let me start by saying, the people in the industry are trained and experienced performers. You coming onto our stages, is as arrogant as us walking into your offices, getting into your computers and doing your job with you. We have taken speech&drama classes, we have studied performance. It is not something that JUST happens. Being an entertainer is a SKILL. What you are currently doing is bastardising the quality of our shows and productions.

You get on stage and you are inexperienced and you kill the flow of the energy of the show.

We understand that being on stage/tv is exciting and feeds into the ego which is why you are so hungry for it. But honestly guys…..this is not your strength. Let the entertainers do their job in peace.


The fact that you fund these events does not mean you are entitled to absolute control of these events. Might I add that the money you are funding these events with, does not belong to you. That money is from taxes from the people of this country. So essentially, artists are paid by the people. You are just the agents we have employed to ensure that this money is distributed fairly to the different industries. It is not your money, it is not you show…..your show begins and ends with the governance of this country.


Your branding is EVERYWHERE at these gigs. That is enough. Please….stop forcing yourselves onto stages. You are not good at it.


It worries us as the people when the government is more interested in Red Carpet events than service delivery. We know your outfits for the SONA but we don’t even know what you DO. Please, leave the Red Carpet and Celebrity stunts to the entertainers. Your main focus should be how to get South Africa to be a better place to live in for ALL. (Not just for you)


Any form of art should be respected. Art is for the people who are gifted creatively. If you wish to pursue a career in the arts, by all means do so….but do not disrespect our stages by getting on them unrehearsed. Some of us have spent decades rehearsing on these stages, stop with the one night stands.  You look pathetic, then you make our whole show look pathetic which makes our industry look pathetic….


It is no wonder that promoters book overseas artists because with our shows looking so amateur…who would wanna book that? Stop turning major musical events into Open Mic Sessions. My dear government, you are out of place.


Nobody is telling you how silly you look because they need your tenders. But from me, sister to government I say…..Stop The Insanity and Respect our Artists. You can speak at your political rallies and imbizos…..but please……leave our industry alone.


We need your support in funding….we don’t need your help on stage.

Stop undermining our talents and disrespecting our offices.


Your faithfully

A South African Artist