Dear BLACK DA members

Dear Black DA voters and members


I have been meaning to speak to you for so long. I just did not know how to broach the subject. Particularly because I find it quite absurd.


Have you suddenly got amnesia about life under white rule? Our media is brilliant in that it has managed to erase the fact that the struggle was fought to eliminate black domination by a minority group.


Is it because they have given you nice jobs; put you in nice clothes and allow you into their world that you think they have suddenly ‘changed?’ You think because they have managed to tame you, you will be entitled to white privilege?

The colour of your skin will never entitle you to white privilege. White privilege rests solely on being white. These people have never even been to your ghettos, they do not know you….nor do they care to.


The western province is run by DA. In this province is where you will notice the great race divide. Where the white people live, it is very pretty. In the townships, people don’t have toilets. If your DA can’t provide basic sanitation for black people in ONE province, how will they run 9?


Besides being a pretty boy, what are Mmusi Maimane’s credentials? Most marketers know that a pretty face will sell anything. DA has taken a well groomed black man married to a white woman and called him a leader. Lol! Mmusi Maimane is nothing but a marketing gimmick. He is not standing on his two feet but held on strings.


Then your DA went and played on Herman Mashaba’s ego by making him think that a businessman is a politician. They took a black who thinks, he is not like the other blacks who don’t work as hard as him. A black who thinks he is special because of his circumstance. He is not like the other blacks.

He is unBlack Like you.


Many of you will try to justify yourselves by blaming black government. I hate to point this out to you but the mess South African government is in, is precisely because of white rule. Apartheid and white rule left a HOT MESS and when they couldn’t handle the heat, they ran away…..with the land.

ANC has had to step into a mess, and in that mess they are swimming. It has NOTHING to do with blacks in power, because honestly…..blacks are not in power.


When you look around you and see the sea of white faces in your team. Are you aware that that sea of faces is a lot wealthier than you? Lol! It really is funny when paupers stand next to a rich man with the same confidence……and then go back home to their small houses.

Do you enjoy the KFC they dish out for the marches? I don’t know if you have noticed, but your white counterparts generally do not march with you. You are carrying the white flag for them. Lol!


I just want to understand……HOW, in your minds, a small minority is expected to run the majority race? It doesn’t really matter if you join the DA in numbers, you will never have the power at the top, just one or two black faces. No democracy is run by a minority, so eintlik nenzani?


You bring shame to African people. You bring shame because of your self hate and belief that black people can never run themselves. You’re an embarrassment every time you comment. To be honest, we wish we could put masking tape on your mouths because your contribution is dumb as fuck.

You will never be white. And white people will never recognise you…..and it is sad that you seek for this validation from them. DA blacks you are truly an embarrassment.

Your colour blindness is idiotic. We were made different races, not blind. Your effort in being self righteous leave your people ashamed and embarrassed of you.


I remember the millions of YOUR people who were murdered and tortured by the forefathers of your DA counterparts…..and I spit on your vote.



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